Friday, July 14, 2017

Career Planning?

I have a handy app on my phone that tells me where the closest brewery is from my current location. Good thing to have if you're looking for some suds.

There are 20 breweries within 5.25 miles from my front door. That's as the crow flies but theoretically, I should be able to walk or bike to all of them. (Eleven of them are in the #Couve.)

From my office, the 20 closest breweries are within a 7.25 radius.

Would it be a bad idea to quit my job?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Beach Update

The beach is back! Back in March the river was at 17 feet and up to the sidewalk at this spot and over the sidewalk just behind where this photo was taken. Now, the water level ranges between four and six feet between low and high tides which is about normal.  Meanwhile, the rock next to the piling at the far right side of the frame looks about the same.

The osprey nest (if you're falling along) appeared to be in great peril this morning, rocking violently. The chicks had better fledge soon or they may not get a choice about it. Even if they survive their first flight, I will be shocked if that perch is still here when it comes time to lay eggs again next year.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Surprise, Beach!

Surprise Beach
The beach known, quite possibly only to Google Maps, as Surprise Beach made its first appearance of the year just in time for the Summer Solstice. You can just see the slightest sliver of it above. (If you look up Surprise Beach on Google Maps, you can see at least one photo of what the beach usually looks like.)

As the river returned one beach, it took away from another. Just recently, the river claimed a sign belonging to Beaches Restaurant which is just out of frame, upstream from the above image.For 22 years, the sign stood atop a group of pilings outside the restaurant, about 150 steps from my front door. We used it as an unofficial depth gauge to see how high the river was. I don't know how high the river was when the photo (found at link) was taken. At its high, the river reached the bottom of the phone.

Osprey perch and nest.
The river also threatened to take these two pilings which are currently home to a pair of nesting osprey. (You have to zoom in real close to see an osprey on one piling. The nest is barely visible on the other.) They wobbled and swayed at the higher depths and currents. The pilings remain but a horizontal perch that was just atop the nest is now missing.

The river is down about 7 feet from it's high of 17+ in March. If you scroll back through some of my posts (here, for example), you can see that the river was up over the sidewalk (a short distance downriver from where these photos were taken). 

Floating rock.
If you zoom in real close on this other image you will see a rock near the base of another piling. (All three images were taken from the same vantage point.) We are confounded by the fact that this rock looks exactly the same as when the river was 7 feet higher. We walk by this point every day. This photo was taken yesterday but the rock looked exactly the same in March. We can come to no other conclusion than this rock floats.

That's biggest surprise of them all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Now You Don't

Our living room.
Our garage.
Thankfully, this is not our condo. The above is the neighbor's condo. The extent of damage in our place is minimal by comparison.

Upside: We've been thinking about updating our base moulding anyway and since half of it's been ripped out the living room, we might as well do it now. And if we're doing that, we might as well update the flooring - go to hardwoods. Perhaps, we should update the kitchen flooring while we're at it. (Wait, that was the good news?)

Downside: Insurance doesn't cover the upgrades, not that I expected it to. But I did expect it to cover the damage. At present, our condo still looks like these pictures because we haven't reached an agreement with the insurance company on the cost to repair.

So far, the adjuster, from his office 350 miles from here, thinks it should cost about $1500 to restore the condo to it's previous condition. Meanwhile, the contractor, who has actually been here, thinks it'll run about three times as much. I'd be irritatated but we didn't have to move out like our neighbor did.

As it happens, the neighbor (and her roommate) have moved back in but their furniture has not. They have use of their kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms only. Meanwhile, the insulation, which is only on our side of the common wall, has not been replaced. Which means, we have become very friendly with one another.


Friday, June 2, 2017

Impromptu Remodel

Now you see it ...

Neighbor's pipe burst in the common wall yesterday. She was having a new washing machine installed on the third floor of her condo when the pipe burst flooding the two floors below. Luckily, our damage will be somewhat minimal although a contractor is preparing to rip out the bottom two feet of our second floor living room wall so the space behind it can dry out. Water damage to the den and garage walls on the first floor was also detected.

Our neighbor, on the other hand, is having to replace the second story ceiling and the laminate flooring she recently had installed.

I don't mind the damage so much as dealing with the insurance people.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Church of Starbucks

Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room, Seattle
Tour bus parked outside said Roastery. 

I had no intention of going in. But there was a pack of tourists milling around taking selfies and I thought, What the hell is this?

The experience was surreal. It was more crowded than a nightclub, with music pumping throughout the space. Only, instead of dancing, patrons were sipping on tasting flights of either coffee or tea.

One employee moved through the crowd with his iPad taking orders, while servers brought out tiny coffee cups lined up and labeled on a naturally sourced, organic, free trade bamboo tray with all the seriousness of a sommelier.

The coffee was poured from various brewing devices that looked more like the set up in a mad scientist's lab.

Image result for mad scientist lab

There was also ample retail space where one could buy exotic coffee beans as well as a wide variety of exotic means by which to grind, brew, and drink the stuff. And everyone was, quite literally, drinking it up.

I'm dangerously close enough to joining the cult myself but I got out of there fast, headed across the street, and grabbed a beer before the jitters could set in.

Monday, May 22, 2017

I just attended the most awesome funeral ...

... said no one ever. But just last weekend, I did.

Home again, I woke up this morning with a feeling that's hard to describe. Travel, jet lag, thinking juice, and whole lot of awesomeness combined to produce sadness and longing wrapped in a thick cushion of joy, nostalgia, love, and gratefulness.

We reconnected with people we haven't seen in a while, and we made new friends. We laughed, cried, and laughed some more.

And, celebrated. Family and close friends went to Buca di Beppo for dinner after the service and our large party was placed in a back room where, it appeared, all the large parties got seated. The first thing the waiter asked was, What are you celebrating?

A funeral, someone answered. Then, A celebration of life - which it was.

The room was loud with conversation and even more loud when a team of wait staff came to deliver birthday cake amidst clapping and singing in the manner one hopes one is never subjected to in a restaurant.

And, then, in a rare lull, someone at our table (and I know who) started clapping. I joined in and soon the whole table started clapping. No one knew why we were clapping but at that point it didn't matter. The next table joined in and it was certain we would have had the whole room clapping if we hadn't ended it with a joyous cheer.

As we left, someone at the next table asked, What were you celebrating?

Oddly, one responded, a funeral.

Actually, it was a celebration. And that's just the way Phil would have wanted it.

Rest in peace, Philip R. Compton.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Still Up

The Columbia River got as high as 17 feet in March but started to recede by early April. Before we left town, I was hopeful that the beach would be back when we returned.

It was not. 

A week ago, it was at 11 feet and is now around 15 above normal. I know it rained while we were gone, but jeez.

We were sitting by the river earlier this week. It was a sunny day and everybody was out, walking the boardwalk. Many were seeing the river for the first time since the last sunny day - sometime last August. They would stop and point to where the beach used to be and explain to their children, "Once upon a time, there was a beach. Right. There."

Interestingly, the Bonneville Dam's spill rate over the last few days was at a low of 134 and high of 259. (I think the unit of measure is cubic feet per second. Not sure about that.) What's going on there? 

On that same sunny evening, we watched as PDX reversed the flight pattern for takeoff and landing.
The wind appeared to be from the West as evidenced by the spinnakers on sailboats racing upstream and, for a while, we watched planes leaving PDX headed West.

Then, it reversed. Even as the spinnakers continued to indicate winds from the West, planes were now taking off to the East. We usually observe one or the other flight pattern but this was the first time we saw both in a single span of time.

Who makes the decision to reverse the flight pattern? If the wind direction is different on the river than higher up, at what height does it reverse? (I wish Phil were here to explain this to me.)

I don't have any answers but I'll be sure to keep an eye on the situation. I hope to post pictures of the beach when it returns.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


The Maui News continues to report on the export of sand, with Mayor Arakawa calling for a moratorium. Honolulu Construction & Draying, "the premier producer of concrete on Oahu," was identified as the exporter. Not to worry, they said, we are planning on importing sand from British Columbia to make up for it.

This is clearly above my pay grade.

Meanwhile, Maui County is under a flash flood watch. If I wanted to sit in the rain, I could have just stayed home where we had the wettest winter since 1895. No wonder I was depressed!

While a rainstorm could be the perfect recipe for a steaming cup of coffee, I recently discovered Japanese iced coffee. Boiled down, the method calls for replacing half the amount of water used to brew the coffee with ice. I made it using a 10-cup Cuisinart drip coffee maker and it turned out great, consistently. I highly recommend trying it, especially if your coffee maker doesn't make especially good coffee. It's quick, easy, and makes an incredibly smooth cold brew. Add some coconut milk, and you have the perfect island coffee.

Last, but not least, cancer sucks. I would love to say more on the subject but the words won't come. They'd be inadequate anyway. Rest in peace, Phil. And peace to everyone who loved him. He will be missed by many.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Shifting Sands

On April 23rd, in a regular feature of The Maui News called "Ask the Mayor," Mayor Arakawa explained the policy issues surrounding the export of sand from Maui to Oahu. On April 27th, The Maui News reported that $9.3 million is included for Kaanapali Beach restoration as part of Hawaii's proposed legislative budget for $1.1 billion in capital improvement projects.

Interested in the problem - even the concept - of beach restoration I tried to find out more about Kaanapali's restoration project. What I found was more about the problem than the solution - articles going back to December 1997. This one, prepared by University of Hawaii Sea Grant Extension Service and County of Maui Planning Department entitled "Beach Management Plan for Maui," does a good job of not only explaining the problem but references studies going back to 1971 which illustrates just how large a problem this is.

Regular visitors to Kaanapali Beach may be aware of the seasonal shifting of beaches as a result of currents. But unless they have been long time visitors, they may not be aware of the total effect of erosion.  Take a look at this promotional video from 1964 to see what the Kaanapali Beach looked like once upon a time:

You can get a glimpse of what it looks like right now:

Maui Eldorado Web Cam

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Got out of town after Tax Day.

The in-flight movie was The Accountant.

No, really.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Publisher's Weekly Ranks Mercy over Not Giving a F*ck

The Maui News - Sunday, April 23, 2107
And Bill O'Reilly over "The True Jesus." Should we be worried?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sweet Dreams?

Hardly. I dreamt about partnership basis last night.

At least I'm somewhere warm.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Yes, please, automate my job.

The software we already use comes close and I suspect the IRS has some pretty sophisticated software to process all those tax returns on their end. It won't be long and Amen to that.

The last week before Tax Day is when the most complicated returns get done. (Extended, to be precise.) I don't know why this is - whether it's on the part of the taxpayer or the tax preparer or a combination of both. Just a week ago, a client came in with 300 pages of tax documents. (That's an exaggeration. It was actually a little more.) Can we get an extension ready for him, he wants to know.

While an extension is a single piece of paper, it's worthless if a reasonable attempt to prepare the return and estimate the tax has not been made. An extension only provides additional time to file the return, not pay the tax, so the return needs to get at least to the point of figuring out whether the taxpayer needs to pay and how much.

I am thankful to my employer who has invested in the software that helps me get through those 300 pages in a matter of a couple hours. 300 pages (whether paper or digital images) get converted to TIF files which get read by software that organizes them into sorted and bookmarked PDFs. Another process extracts the information to populate the tax return in the tax program. And viola. Tax return.

Not exactly that simple but it's getting better every year. The software doesn't read most deductions yet, for example. (Or capital gains or losses from sale of stock.) Which means, I'm late for work. I was handed a list yesterday of the returns that still need to get extended. It was in teeny tiny print so it was only the length of my arm.

Please send coffee to my work address. If you can't do that, bring coffee to your closest tax preparer. I guarantee they will appreciate it. (And there's a pretty good chance they're in the office today.)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Searching for a document this morning, I was surprised to see I had one named "To Do List." Thankfully, there was nothing on it.

That was a close one.


Saturday, April 8, 2017


I didn't want to get up this morning but I could see daylight creeping around the window shade and knew, by definition, I was late for work.

Almost Back to Normal

March 25 (two weeks ago)

March 27 (even higher)

April 5 (three days ago)

April 7 (yesterday)

Where did it all go? The ocean surely must be full now. But, yesterday, we had high winds. (Did they blow all the water away?) 

" South wind 25 to 35 mph with gusts 35 to 50 mph. Local gusts to 60 mph. "
We noticed.

On our walk/run yesterday, we had to lean into the wind or be swept off our feet. We watched as an Alaska flight, on approach from the west to PDX, was diverted. Tugboats had trouble keeping control of their barges. One, approaching the I-5 Bridge, spun completely around. Another, upriver, managed to hold steady mid-river but was using a lot of power to do it.

It'll be interesting to see what's in store for the river today.

Friday, March 31, 2017


If you zoom in, you will see this is a picture of a duck swimming on a sidewalk. (No, a real one. And, no, it isn't wearing sunglasses.) The Columbia River was up 16.6 feet on Tuesday. It is predicted to get as high as 17.3 feet today. (This article shows you a picture of the same scene from the other direction.)

If you zoom in on the next one, you will see a tug pushing a barge under a lifted span of the Interstate Bridge. The river is now at flood stage (which is reached at 16 feet) and there is not only less room for boats to pass under the bridge but currents are faster, both of which result in more bridge lifts which now average nearly 2 per day. The span, which provides 176 feet of river clearance when open, is usually raised 10-20 times per month. (The bridge celebrates its 100th birthday this year.)

Also, new fun fact, the Columbia River is tidal, meaning, it has tides. I've noticed the river is higher or lower on any given day but I imagined that was a result of either the tides of the Pacific Ocean somehow reaching us 150 miles upstream or the operation of the Bonneville Dam another 45 miles upstream. But, as you can see here, the river can rise and fall 3.5 feet per day.

It'll be interesting to see what remains of our beach. Should we ever see it again.

Who's ready for summer?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Slept until 8 a.m.

Next sleep break won't be until April 19th. And I'll be on a plane to somewhere by then.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

I'm so confused.

Swastika found in bathroom of D.C.’s School Without Walls High School
" Administrators at School Without Walls High School in D.C. are investigating an incident involving “inappropriate language” and a swastika drawn on the wall of a boy’s restroom earlier this week. "

We assume they mean the drone.

Crashing Drones Into Test Dummies for Safety
" When small consumer drones made of plastic strike an object like a human head, they tend to break apart . . . . "

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Either way, it's annoying.

All my t shirts suddenly have holes in them. Even brand new, only worn once ones. Tiny holes all in a nickel-sized cluster located a few inches below my belly button. Either I have a very specific moth living in my t shirt drawer or I have a pair of jeans with something sharp poking out of its waistband.
My next sleep break is scheduled for March 25.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

I watch a lot of comedies this time of year. 
I thought about running and pulled a muscle.

I don't know which is more disturbing

Just How Much Pee Is In That Pool?

" . . . up until now, just how much urine has been difficult to measure, says chemist Xing-Fang Li of the University of Alberta. Li and her colleagues report they can now tell roughly how much pee is in a pool by measuring the artificial sweeteners carried in most people's urine. "
I wake up to an alarm clock that simulates sunrise and the soft chirping of birds. Only now can I wake up to actual sunrise and birds.

That will all change in a couple of weeks and I'll be in the dark again.

Monday, February 27, 2017

In Case You Were Wondering

Oscar swag bags include, among other things:
  • Crayola My Way customized box of crayons
  • Dandi Patch underarm sweat patches
  • Elvie limited edition pelvic floor exercise tracker (and app) [limited edition!!]
  • Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner
  • SweetCheeks cellulite massage mats
... the fair market value of which is fully taxable to the celebrity receiving such swag, reported on Form 1099-MISC. (What is the fair market value of a cellulite massage mat anyway? Which begs the question . . . oh, never mind.)

Luckily, celebrities can afford to get help with their taxes. Although, I wonder how many of them use PriceWaterhouseCooper. . . . Accountants, like long snappers, don't really want to be in the news.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's a Matter of Law

Snuggies Are Blankets, Not Garments, For Tax Purposes

" The United States Court of International Trade recently decided this close question, ruling that Snuggies are blankets for import tax purposes. "

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Early Retirement

Robots Will Soon Do Your Taxes. Bye-Bye, Accounting Jobs
" Between accounting professionals and truck drivers alone, about 4.5 million human jobs could be ceded to robots over the next few years. "
Why not?

h/t Grump at 76003.1414

Friday, February 10, 2017

Slippery slope?

We were out of town for several days recently and when we returned, we found one of our soap dispensers had leaked soap all over. It's not the first time this has happened but it's the only one in the house that does this.

Why the other ones don't leak in this manner - not even its identical twin - is beyond me but what I think is happening is this soap dispenser is acting as a barometer.
" When air on the outside of the container presses harder (has higher pressure) than the air on the inside, everything stays put. Once in a while, air on the outside of the container presses less (has lower pressure) than air on the inside of the container. When that happens, the air pressure inside the bottle is enough to literally push the soap up the neck of the dispenser and out onto the sink . . . ."
Sure enough, it rained heavily all week. Also, the dispenser is more than half empty meaning it's more than half full of air which maybe accounts for why it doesn't happen all the time. I don't know but the next time it leaks, I'll remember to carry an umbrella.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

I must be pronouncing it wrong

because biem spray does not sound good at all.

In honor the 45th President of the United States:

Neopalpa Donaldtrumpi

So named because of the bright yellow scales on its head, resembling very-soon-to-be President Trump’s hairstyle.
" . . . as of yet we do not know anything about what Neopalpa donaldtrumpi does for a living . . . "
Washington Post | Speaking of Science
I wonder what he'll tweet about this.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Vancouver USA

I don't know how Vancouver influenced Sunset with this video but it resulted in Vancouver being named one of The West's best main streets nevertheless. The very last scene is of a walkway along the Columbia River just steps from where I live. The unnamed restaurant is McMenamins on the Columbia.

Vancouver is a great place to live. We love Main Street and all it has to offer. It does indeed have breweries, restaurants, and coffee houses. The Kiggins Theatre shows great movies at a decent price and has the best movie popcorn anywhere.

Vancouver's beautiful, new library is three blocks from Main Street. And, about a half mile away is the historic Fort Vancouver National Park. Main Street is one mile from my front door.

This video produced by Vancouver's Downtown Association does a better job of it.

Vancouver is a friendly town located in southwest Washington across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. And it really does have a great Main Street.

h/t +Trap Door Brewing

Monday, January 16, 2017

Beer Snobs

You know you're in the company of beer snobs when the graffiti in the bathroom (@rivercitysaloon) isn't

For a good time call . . . .

Instead, it's


(Sorry meaderies.)

Watch out!

Hubby fixed his watch.

I miss the chime....

Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh, snap!

Book Review-Upside Down Football: An Inside Look at Long Snapping in the NFL
" Kluck’s book does a great job of explaining all aspects of the modern snapping industry . . . "

Big Adventures in Tiny Homes

We spent last weekend in a tiny home - this one. It was a grand adventure. There are six tiny homes at Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel so we gathered up a bunch a friends and rented all six for the weekend.

Hubby and I went to preview the place after all the arrangements had been made and I became worried. These place were really, really tiny. I voiced my concerns to the group but was overwhelmed by everyone's spirit of adventure. Even as temperatures fell below freezing, the group was still up for it.

Then it snowed. Pipes and shower drains froze. And, you know what? It was still fun. We huddled around the fire pit absorbing smoke into our clothes, hair, and lungs and roasted marshmallows. We sang Kumbaya. We connected with one another. We trudged through the snow to a local brewery and watched the Seahawks beat the Lions and stayed warm for a few hours.

The next day, we found ourselves ensconced in ice. We had to chip out our cars in order to slip on down to Pine State Biscuits for breakfast. All in all, it was a big adventure in a tiny space. No one slipped on the ice and everyone got home safely.

Caravan is located in Portland's Alberta neighborhood within walking distance of bars, restaurants, and food trucks. Everything one might need for a big adventure.

Next big adventure: Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. This time, we'll aim for warmer weather.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

20,000 Stars

'Bucks has "double star days" which should be self-explanatory. In case it's not, Starbucks rewards members of its Rewards program with stars upon thars. Actually, they're virtual stars applied at a rate of 2 per $1 spent to your real or virtual card. Follow? When you amass 125 stars, you can trade them in for an absolutely real cup of coffee.

Once per month, certain members (the ones that drink enough coffee to qualify for "gold" status) can earn stars at a rate of 4 per $1. On my last "double star day" (yes, gold here) I purchased a pound of French Roast and asked for a half pound of Decaf Espresso. (The later was not for me as I do not believe in decaf in principle but was willing to make the purchase as a gateway bean for another coffee drinker who is delusional enough to think he can deny himself full strength brew.) The barista could not figure out what button to push to charge me for half a pound so he gave it to me as a "sample."

Cool beans! I gave him an extra large tip worth 8 virtual stars. I wonder how baristas would really feel about getting stars as tips. Considering 'Buck's foray into virtual currency, it may well be that baristas are already paid in stars. One never knows.

Here's some random information I came across regarding their Rewards cards (from their Terms and Conditions page):
You may not have more than $500 in value on any of your Starbucks Cards at any time, and no more than $2,000 may be associated with any one Starbucks Card in a single day. This means that the activity on any one of your Starbucks Cards cannot exceed $2,000 over the course of a day. The total value you may load onto all of your Starbucks Cards, together with the value of any new Starbucks Cards that you may purchase, may not exceed $10,000 on any given day.
Egads, that's a lot of stars! And I thought I drank a lot of coffee!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Good work, Sandy!

Duvall Bag Ladies

This is a blog post about a friend of mine who is working with others in her community to crochet sleeping mats for the homeless out of plastic grocery bags.

Good work, Sandy!


Hubby has one of those digital watches that chimes on the hour. He doesn't know how to turn the chime off so away it chimes all night long. Considering I live near an airport, the railroad tracks, and a state highway, I don't even notice it. The only time I ever hear it is at 6 a.m.

My alarm is set for 6:30.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Plan your time accordingly.



61, Av. de l'Observatoire 75014 PARIS (France)
Tel.      : 33 (0) 1 40 51 23 35
FAX       : 33 (0) 1 40 51 22 91
Internet  :

                                            Paris, 9 January 2017

                                            Bulletin C 53

                                            To authorities responsible
                                            for the measurement and 
                                            distribution of time             

                         INFORMATION ON UTC - TAI

NO leap second will be introduced at the end of June 2017.
The difference between Coordinated Universal Time UTC and the 
International Atomic Time TAI is :

    from 2017 January 1, 0h UTC, until further notice : UTC-TAI = -37 s

Leap seconds can be introduced in UTC at the end of the months of December 
or June,  depending on the evolution of UT1-TAI. Bulletin C is mailed every  
six months, either to announce a time step in UTC, or to confirm that there 
will be no time step at the next possible date.

                                           Christian BIZOUARD
                                           Earth Orientation Center of IERS
   Observatoire de Paris, France

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Brew News

We can look forward to (at least) three new breweries to open in 2017 in the VanWA area, and two tap houses:
  • McMenamins (which, btw, is NOT pronounced mc-minimums) is building a new facility  in Kalama, WA, 30 miles north of Vancouver. In a nod to the town founder's heritage, the building's architecture will be modeled after the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina, Maui. It will include a 40-room hotel, restaurant, rooftop pub, and brewery.
  • Even closer, Grains of Wrath is opening in Camas, only 13 miles to the east. In addition to the brewery, their facility will also contain a restaurant.
  • Beerded Brothers, an existing brewery, will be opening a tasting room downtown. (Yay, biking distance!)
  • And, Mt. Tabor's Vancouver location will finally reopen after a long closure to relocate from downtown to a larger facility in the Felida neighborhood. (That's the rumor anyway.)
My count for 2016 is three new breweries (Hopworks Urban Brewery, Victor-23 Craft Brewery, and Trusty Brewing Company) and three tap houses (Tap Union FreehouseDomsday Brewing Safe House, and Ben's Bottle Shop). I would not be surprised if I missed a few as they are popping up faster than coffee houses at this rate. But, believe me, I'll do my best to keep up.

I get a free renewal of my WABL membership when I visit 50 different breweries. I already have 45 stamps in my passport. At this point, I don't really need to go anywhere to get the last five because the breweries are coming to me!

Here's to new brews in 2017. Cheers!

Oh snap!

Seahawks Add Ott for Playoffs

Or, you could call Clint.....

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Beer!

2016 was the year of beer for me. It all started with a taster flight at Feral Public House in Vancouver, Washington, and my world was forever changed.

I soon discovered the Brewcouver Passport which led me to nine more breweries located in Vancouver alone. I moved on to the Pour of Discovery Passport which introduced me to the North Bank breweries, so named for being located on the north shore of the Columbia River - 13 more breweries to try.

And, then, I became a member of Washington Beer Lovers (WABL) which encompasses all the aforementioned breweries plus 325 more! Just since Labor Day weekend, when I received my passport in the mail, I have visited 45 breweries:

North Jetty BrewingIslands & Peninsulas9/9/16Seaview
Aslan Brewing CoNorth Sound9/28/16Bellingham
Boundary Bay Brewery and BistroNorth Sound9/29/16Bellingham
Chuckanut Brewery & KitchenNorth Sound9/29/16Bellingham
Kulshan Brewing Co.North Sound9/28/16Bellingham
Wander BrewingNorth Sound9/28/16Bellingham
20 Corners BrewerySeattle & King Co.12/24/16Woodinville
Bellevue Brewing CoSeattle & King Co.11/11/16Seattle
Geaux BrewingSeattle & King Co.11/11/16Seattle
Machine House BrewerySeattle & King Co.10/2/16Seattle
Pike BrewingSeattle & King Co.10/1/16Seattle
Resonate BrewerySeattle & King Co.11/10/16Seattle
54-40 BrewingSouth & Central9/4/16Washougal
Amnesia BrewingSouth & Central9/4/16Washougal
Ashtown Brewing CompanySouth & Central10/2/16Longview
Backwoods BrewingSouth & Central9/17/16Carson
Barrel Mountain BrewingSouth & Central10/17/16Battleground
Dick's Northwest Sausage & DeliSouth & Central11/23/16Vancouver
Doomsday Brewing CoSouth & Central9/17/16Washougal
Everybody's BrewingSouth & Central9/17/16White Salmon
Five Dons BrewingSouth & Central10/16/16Longview
Fortside Brewing CompanySouth & Central10/7/16Vancouver
Ghost Runner BrewerySouth & Central9/14/16Vancouver
Heathen BrewingSouth & Central11/5/16Vancouver
Heathen Brewing - Feral Public HouseSouth & Central11/29/16Vancouver
Loowit BrewingSouth & Central10/16/16Vancouver
McMenamins - Columbia RiverSouth & Central11/19/16Vancouver
McMenamins - East VancouverSouth & Central12/28/16Vancouver
Mill City Brew WerksSouth & Central12/30/16Camas
Northwood Public HouseSouth & Central12/28/16Vancouver
Old Ivy Brewery and TaproomSouth & Central11/26/16Vancouver
Parkers Steakhouse & BrewerySouth & Central11/26/16Castle Rock
Railside BrewingSouth & Central11/5/16Vancouver
Trap Door BrewingSouth & Central11/5/16Vancouver
Trusty Brewing Co. South & Central12/20/16Vancouver
Victor 23 BrewingSouth & Central11/29/16Vancouver
Walking Man BrewingSouth & Central12/3/16Stevenson
7 Seas Brewery and TaproomSouth Sound11/26/16Tacoma
Engine House No. 9South Sound10/2/16Tacoma
Fish Tale Brew PubSouth Sound10/16/16Olympia
Harmon Brewery & EaterySouth Sound9/3/16Olympia
McMenamins - Olympic ClubSouth Sound12/26/16Centralia
McMenamins Spar CafeSouth Sound9/4/16Olympia
Narrows Brewing Co. South Sound12/26/16Tacoma
Northwest Brewing CompanySouth Sound10/16/16Pacific

All of those listed are also in the Brewcouver or Pour of Discovery Passports (or both). However, I need to mention River Mile 38 Brewing Company in Cathlamet WA as a brewery that I visited with the Pour of Discovery Passport but haven't been back to visit since getting my WABL Passport.  (It's worth the drive so I will definitely be back.)

This doesn't cover the beer I've tasted at the quarterly beer festivals in Vancouver WA and others such as the one hosted by Shorty's Garden & Home. I also have a Brewery app on my phone that covers all of the United States which is a handy place to keep notes about the places I've visited and the beers I've tasted. Outside the state of Washington, I've visited:
Kohola Brewery - Lahaina, HI
La Quinta Brewing Co. - La Quinta, CA
Maui Brewing Co. - Lahaina, HI
Old Town Brewing - Portland, OR
Tamarack Brewing Co. - Missoula, MT
Thunder Island - Cascade Locks, OR
I must say, that's a ridiculous amount of beer! We can just say goodbye to skinny jeans in 2017!

We'll be kicking off the New Year with more new beer at the Holiday Hangover Brew Fest on January 14 in Hood River, OR.

So much beer, so little time. But, here's to new discoveries! May your 2017 be filled with new adventures and new friends. Maybe, over a pint of beer.