Thursday, October 29, 2020

I'm just going to move on to 2021 and call it a year.

"2020 - completely worthless."

I bought three of these calendars. I kept one for myself and gave two away as Christmas presents last year. But then, we put our house on the market so mine went into a box and was never hung on the wall.

We bought a new home in a different state early in 2020 but before we could come home and collect our belongs (which we put in storage after our first home sold), COVID happened. Fortunately, the place we purchased was fully furnished so there wasn't much to retrieve other than clothes, some small kitchen appliances, and items of sentimental value.

It wasn't until September until we defied stay-at-home orders. We drove 1,100 miles, rented a small truck, and trekked back to our new home - a car plus the truck - through some of the worst wildfires the western United States has ever seen.

And, still, most of it remains in boxes. First, we wanted to get some work done around the house. We converted all of our lighting to LED and added ceiling fans and we had the interior completely repainted. Only now are we starting to unpack after living in the same clothes since February.

Hubby unpacked this calendar just last week. It hasn't been hung for nearly 10 months of 2020. Seeing as I can pre-order my 2021 calendar (which includes September-December of the previous year), I'm not sure there's any reason to even take this out of it's cellophane. 

Instead, I plan to donate it Goodwill and mark it: 

Unused Calendar 
Completely Worthless

Friday, October 2, 2020

I wished I lived in a place where the most serious problem is "What is bread?"


Irish High Court Rules Subway’s Sandwich Bread Is Not Legally Bread | Forbes

Justice O’Donnell, wrote, “This seems a very cumbersome and unnatural description of a hot meatball sandwich. Arguments like this induce some sympathy for the beleaguered draftspersons and for the tortured language to which they sometimes have to resort in order to carry into effect a reasonable statutory policy.” And with that, he dismissed the appeal.

Read all about it.