Saturday, March 26, 2011


Goals are wonderful things. Or terrible. I guess it depends on where you're at. They can be daunting or trivial. But they're always excusable. It's easier to delay what can be done today until tomorrow. Always.

But the sense of accomplishment when one reaches one's goal is just that. A sense of accomplishment. Something to be proud of. Even better when one reached the same goal yesterday and the day before. The goal morphs and it becomes about the streak, the number of days one can string together more than the goal itself.

There is always adversity. Each and every day. It doesn't matter the goal, there are forces determined to get in the way, temptations to distract. Some distractions are good and worthy things in themselves, but distractions nonetheless.

Congratulations, if you have a goal and have found the fortitude to meet it. Good for you.

(Btw, my goal is to walk every day. Today is day 100. Haven't missed a day yet and it feels good.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Where They Thinking?

SR 520 bridge/boat collision

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Tooth Decay

Have you ever had a case of gingivitis? Let me tell you, it makes menopause look like a cakewalk. I woke up Friday morning with a swollen gum between two teeth. I thought maybe something was stuck in there. Saturday it was more irritated and my gums were now swollen in front and in back of a tooth. I wasn't too worried about it. It didn't hurt and I figured whatever was irritating my tooth would eventually work itself out.

Sunday morning I woke up in a sweat. If you are female and around my age, this is not an uncommon occurrence. My temp was 99 but the glands in my throat were swollen. I took some Advil, took the day off work (like I have time for this) and spent most of the day in bed. I was feeling better by late afternoon and figured it was better to take care of myself than crank out a couple more tax returns.

Monday, temperature was 102, throat glands very painful. Again, the Advil did a good job of managing everything but I called my dentist. Something was most definitely going on.

Gingivitis? Are you kidding me? I don't know how this happened but I did share a toothbrush with my grandson last week. Probably a mistake in more ways than one. I read online that gingivitis often occurs in puberty during hormonal changes. Damn, this getting older! I'm definitely experiencing hormonal changes.

Because of menopause, I'm thinking, I got something that's worse. Night sweats galore! Temp is 101 this morning. Throat is sore, it's hard to eat anything that isn't soft. Good news, Advil and a stronger-than-Listerine rinse is providing relief. Other than that, I'm trying to let this virus run its course. No need to see my doctor unless the fever doesn't start to abate soon.

Oral hygiene wasn't the problem. I've always gotten glowing reports every six months from my dentist. But it's a problem now. My gums are very sensitive to brushing and flossing is nearly out of the question.

I'll be happy when this goes away, glad to have menopause as my only affliction. This is nonsense.

P.S. To add insult to injury, I also have bad breath. (That's the injury.) The worst of it is I don't know I have bad breath. (That's the insult.) Someone had to tell me. I can't taste it or smell it. I'll try to avoid close contact but if I notice you backing away, don't worry about it. I know.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Another Day

It’s tax season here. Well, everywhere I suppose. I live at the office now and eat two-thirds of my meals here. I’m deprived of sleep but have an ample supply of coffee. The only way I can tell that one day has become the next is that my clothes have changed. I'm thinking about hanging a sign in my window that reads HELP! NEED LATTE!

The IRS has ruined another weekend, I might add. It's bad enough that I work weekends as it is, but to tack another one on for good measure is just rude. April 15th is a Friday so what's wrong with just getting it over with? The 15th is a holiday in DC - that's why - so while they get a day off, I'm at work. And the next day, and the next day, and the day after that, ruining yet another weekend.

Here's the catch for the procrastinators who owe. Your taxes are really still due on the 15th. Bet they didn't tell you that, did they? When the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday (as it does this year), it is considered timely filed on the next business day (this year, the 18th). If your return isn't postmarked by then, penalties and interest go back to the due date of April 15th.

I'm thinking about changing the sign in my window to read HELP! NEED CHOCOLATE!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Since You Asked

Okay, nobody really asked but here it is anyway.

Note my place card. A loyal reader. (Thank you, Sandy!)

Prom Date

We went to the prom last night (the annual Commodore's Ball at Rainier Yacht Club). Got my hair done (which involved exactly thirty-eight bobby pins and industrial grade, anti-gravitational hair spray). Got my makeup done. (My washcloth revealed similar industrial strength products were used.) Bought a new gown. (It was beautiful.) Took two days to get ready. Meanwhile, Handsome put on his tux and was ready in about five minutes.

We had a wonderful time. I only attend one ball per year and it's magical. The commodores of each yacht club attend a total of fourteen each year. I can't imagine it's as magical for them.

In some ways, it's a silly, over-the-top affair. Middle-aged people, all dressed up, dancing the night away to music older than the DJ, music they know the words to, the women dancing with each other on the fast songs, the men joining in on the slow ones. Lights turned low, disco ball shimmering.

It's true, there are more important, more worthy things to worry about and spend time, energy, and money on. But for one night, it's nice to dress up and celebrate. Celebrate with the people you care about, enjoy each other's company, and take a time out from daily woes. Transformation, for just one night. That's what makes it special. And worthy.

And now that Cinderella is home, her face scrubbed, hair combed out, wearing her regular old clothes, it's time to contemplate real life again. Back to work. Laundry, dishes, toilets. Grocery lists and a few hours at the office. But it's worth it, for that one night to dress up as a princess and dance the night away with a prince.

I have some very lovely pictures. From prom, and other adventures, and I know I've been slow to post. I might have some time to get caught up later this week. I'll try to get some prom pictures up this evening. (The roast is already in the crock pot so I might have a little time right after the ironing.)

Cinderella, out.

Leftover Valentine

Thursday, March 3, 2011

up to the minute

this is live up to the minute blogging. I am currently on my treadmill dictating this post into my phone while walking at 3 miles per hour. there was a moment of sun today but I missed it. I worked straight through it. when I got home it was dark and it was raining. my only option was the treadmill. or so I thought.

I always thought dancing with good exercise but that seems to the mostly true when you don't intend to do it. at a nightclub for example are party. personally I like to dance wall in cooking. this might explain why some of my recipes turnout and some of them don't. I wonder if that's what happened to my christmas cookies this year. instead of watching the pot to boil I turn my back on in the kneeboogie.

so I tried to dance video on tv instead of my walk today. it's almost as moronic dancing by yourself as it is to be alone in a room on a treadmill dictating 1 blog. it was a dance instructor and his students, mostly female mostly young. macgyver pretty funny to watch but I cheered for the old lady in the back. it wasn't long until the old lady and I were just shuffling side to side trying to keep rhythm with the beat.

and 5678

sorry old lady you're on your own.

I still think dancing is good exercise. but I thought I should a few minutes on the treadmill just to be sure. I know I'm the 1 making the rules here I wanted to make sure today's episode counted.

my next published book - okay my first published book - ruby of photos take endurance 365 days of walking. problem is there's nothing much photojenic about working out on a lid on an elliptical machine in a hotel weight room or walking on a treadmill in indoors. but I've got to say I'm glad no 1 was here take pictures of me dancing in my living room.

lindsay dot out

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally, Something to Write Home About

As a sometimes visitor to Vancouver (WA), I am surprised at the scarcity of quality eateries here. With Portland so close, I suppose no one thought it was worth it to have a restaurant on this side of the river. During one of my walks, I came across a diner that looked interesting. It had black and white checkered floors, red stools affixed on one side of a counter, the other side promising home made malted shakes and a "Grandma's Lasagna." Even though it was closed, it oozed nostalgia and I wanted to give it a try.

I asked a local shopkeeper if the food was any good and she said it was okay but nothing to write home about. Piqued, I asked her where I would go if I did want to write home about it and she replied Azteca Mexican Restaurant. I concluded, we have different mothers. Also, there are no foodies in Vancouver.

During one very special night out, at Red Lobster which is as good as it gets here, or so I thought, I asked the waitress what I ask almost everyone I meet here: Where are the good restaurants in Vancouver? (No offense intended to Red Lobster, or Azteca, but I'm looking for a restaurant where the best wine offered is not a Chablis, pronounced ShaBLISS.) I had just about given up hope when our server suggested three restaurants: 360 Pizzeria, Lapellah, and Roots Restaurant and Bar. Turns out all three are related to one another, each featuring a farm-to-table, local, sustainable, food philosophy that is not only trendy but tastes good - although I didn't know all that at the time.

Last night , we tried Lapellah which turned out to be a delicious oasis in a Fred Meyer parking lot. It's a stone's throw from the Columbia River, although you can't see it because Highway 14 passes between the restaurant and the view. Portland's airport is just across the river so the view also includes low flying jumbo jets. There's a popular restaurant just on the other side of the highway that has a much more spectacular view, if that's what you're into. But the food isn't nearly as good. Not even close.

Lapellah was worth taking a couple spins around the parking lot to find a place to park. I knew it as soon as I took in the smells from the kitchen just inside the door. The interior has been made to look like salvaged warehouse space with distressed wood floors that appear to have earned the description through actual wear and tear. Chandeliers hang in a room featuring exposed red brick walls and clean, silver, ducting twisting overhead, a glass divider wall made with embedded glass plates of assorted hues and textures, and as soon as I saw the wine rack and the specials written on the mandatory chalkboard (one of which we ordered), I knew I was in for a treat.

We ordered a ridiculous amount of food (for two) although it was difficult to choose because each item on the menu tempted us. We took turns reading the descriptions aloud, our mouths watering. (Kudos to the menu writer.) We had the Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Calamari (lightly fried and plated with marinara sauce, black and green olives, and sprinkled with fresh shaved Parmesan cheese), the aforementioned chalkboard promoted appetizer special of the day (roasted asparagus, crispy ham hock, two slices of a baguette, and a poached egg), the Lapellah hamburger, and a piece of banana cream pie that wasn't really a pie. (I can't describe it adequately but it was more like the cream filling served on a sugar cookie but much better than that. I highly recommend it.)

To me, the standout was the burger. I ordered it with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg. It was stacked as tall as my water glass and I wondered why fresh Bibb lettuce was among the toppings. Was it a nod to (or a spit in the eye of) nutrition? A joke? The answer didn't matter because I ate the whole thing, the flavors blending into a perfect recipe for yum. Absolutely, the best burger I've ever eaten, bar none. And still, right now, I want more.

It was a Monday night and the tables were filled. The aromas were alluring, the food was a combination for the senses, the service was friendly and professional, the interior was interesting and private, and - bottom line - the food was good. Very good.

Definitely worth writing about.