Monday, December 11, 2017

Keeping my cool, momentarily.

Woke up this morning realizing how very little time is left before Christmas and how very over-scheduled this week is. I had a slight moment of panic. More than slight, really. I don’t know what I was thinking, scheduling so much.

We will have a nice weekend at the coast, a three hour drive from here, but I have a lot to do before then. Then, next week, I only have a few days left to get ready for Christmas which, at this point, entails buying a gift for my granddaughter, and meal planning for incoming relatives.

I’ll leave next week's worries to next week (why rush?) and focus on what needs to happen in the next couple days:

Mon - find recipes and make grocery list (Curry; cookies, breakfast casserole). Look for wrapping supplies.

Tue - grocery shop; bake cookies

Wed - 7am drive 150 miles to Bellevue; 2pm drive back

Thu - am make Curry; pm drive 150 miles to coast. Bring Curry, rice, breakfast casserole, cookies.

Notice that Holidailies is not listed so I need to find time to wedge that in somewhere. You might also note that “locate brewery near coast” is also not on the list but I found time for that already. In fact, ahead of everything else on the list. Perhaps, there will be time for Holidalies as well. (Matter of fact, I used this post to delay attacking this list so the answer is yes, at least for today.)

One might note that “work” is not on the list either. This presents a problem as I will fall behind in a project assigned to me if I don’t make this a priority soon. This stresses me out more than Holiday preparations. (At this point, it should.) A little every day should keep things moving. (I hope.)

(Also not on the list is “return emails.” Sorry, if you haven’t heard from me lately. I’m sure to get around to it.)

Now that the list is complete, it doesn’t look so daunting (until I read the small print). I have a plan and it seems reasonable. (Don’t read the small print!)

However, I reserve the right to panic at any moment.

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Mellie said...

Oh gosh, I feel your panic too. Christmas is fast approaching and my to do list is still very long!!