Monday, December 4, 2017

Well, I should live forever then.

On November 24, 2017, Don Sweeney reported in The Sacramento Bee, That extra cup of coffee can help you live longer, research shows.
" At least, that’s the finding from a new meta-review of scientific literature on the topic in the British Medical Journal. The review shows that drinking three to four cups of black coffee a day can reduce a variety of health risks and can decrease your risk of death by 17 percent.
" “Coffee consumption seems generally safe within usual levels of intake, with summary estimates indicating largest risk reduction for various health outcomes at three to four cups a day, and more likely to benefit health than harm,” the report says. "
Imagine my joy at reading "three to four cups." Unfortunately, they mean, literally, a cup as in 8 ounces so I measured my cup. 10 ounces! I can have another one!
" Also, adding lots of calorie-rich creams, sugars or flavorings to your coffee can cancel out the health benefits and raise your risk of diabetes and other problems, the review says. "
Again, score one for me. It's not real coffee if you put all that other stuff in it. Black is just how I like it. But it can't hurt to have something sweet on the side, can it? I hope not because it's National Cookie Day and what could be better than that?

Coffee and cookies - no better way to make a Monday better.


Bev Sykes said...

I was drinking coffee when I read this, getting ready to make cookies. I think this was the perfect entry for me to read today!

bozoette said...

This is great news! I drink just about 3-4 cups a day, black, of course!