Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Journal Entry 12/5/17

Went to a local taphouse yesterday. A man came in by scooting. I first noticed him as he entered - the door opened and a man appeared in the doorway, sitting on a chair. He was recognized by another patron who greeted him and pulled up another chair. I thought it was so the man in the doorway could put up his feet. Perhaps he was hot and didn’t want to come all the way inside.

Instead, the seated man moved from his chair in the doorway to the new one provided and the standing patron put the doorway chair outside. Was someone else coming via chair? He then positioned another chair near the sitting man a little further into the bar.

The seated man then used his chair as a walker pushing it before him to the next chair which he sat in. He thusly made his way to the bar pushing his chair to the next chair which had been positioned by the standing patron. I don’t know if the seated man made it into a barstool which was behind me or if he just sat at a regular chair to order his beer.

We left after that.

Is there a grocery store rule about how to wrap cheese? It’s always in plastic wrap secured by a sticker that tells you how much the cheese costs. The ends of the plastic wrap are hidden under the sticker so there’s no way to open the cheese other than to rip at the sticker in hopes of finding one of the ends before the whole package is destroyed.

The kitchen sink is a metaphor for life. A mess in continual need of cleanup.

Do you ever call customer service and find yourself on perma-hold just when you desperately need to pee?

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Bev Sykes said...

In answer to your question == not since I got a cell phone! LOL.