Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Journal Entry 12/6/17

I hired a house cleaner yesterday. The first twenty minutes, she told me her story. When she started crying, I worried I had made a serious mistake. The house got clean eventually. I’d recommend her as a cleaner but you might not want to be home.

I also put granola on my yogurt and made a half-decaf latte. I NEVER drink decaf and I only put granola on Hubby’s yogurt. It was a weird day.

I’m thinking about giving up my Blue Apron subscription. I love to cook but I hate to meal plan and grocery shopping is like housecleaning. I can do it, but I’d rather do something else. One thing I would change about the service is the way the boxes are put together. I suppose if they are making 100 boxes with the same meal in them, it makes sense to put the same ingredients in each box. Less to go wrong there. But I would like to tell them which ingredients I already have and don’t need included in my shipment.

So far, the meals have been delicious. The problem I’m having is, again, I’d rather be doing something else. It’s cold here but it hasn’t started to rain in earnest yet, here in the Pacific Northwest. Going out is way more fun than staying in a cooking. There’s always something going on in town. Plus, my freezer is full of food, meals I made previously that provided leftovers.

Maybe I’ll just put Blue Apron on Pause and resume service when it’s just too dark and wet to go out. Right now, I need to head to Ghost Runners Brewery. I haven’t been there in a while and I hear their sales are slipping. My bad. Plus, I want to show them my support. And then the Christmas Ships are sailing tonight. (Maybe not, high winds are predicted.)

See? So much to do!

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Bev Sykes said...

We had Blue Apron for a year and a half and I enjoyed it, but a gourmet friend of mine said "I liked Blue Apron but I LOVE Home Chef," so I switched and am not unhappy. Meals are simpler to prepare, fewer odd ingredients and if you like steak you get it once a week (I don't particularly like steak, so that's not a big selling point for me, but it may be for some)