Friday, December 1, 2017

So hip.

I am not hip. Dude, I'm practically invisible. Luckily, perhaps, I might be confused as hip living in the most hipster city, in the most hipster state, in the United States.

If you're considering a move and hipsterness is a factor in your decision, you should consider the scientific research of MoveHub which concluded Vancouver WA is the most hipster city in the nation. A close second place is the entire Pacific Northwest. Surprise! We are no longer "in the middle of nowhere."

Definition of hipster aside, hipster rankings were based on microbreweries, vegan stores, thrift stores, and tattoo parlors per capital plus rent demand. Vancouver ranked second for microbreweries, fifth for tattoo parlors, and first for rent demand. I'm not sure what that says about Vancouver, or hipsters for that matter. (Locals drink to find - or escape - their roommates while contemplating body art?)

Vancouver, Tacoma, and Spokane hold three of the top ten most hipster rankings, making the state of Washington the most hipster state in the country. You could replace your button down shirt with flannel and move here if it wasn't for the rent. Nearby Portland ranked #12, making the Pacific Northwest a hipster Mecca.

A front page article of The Columbian ("Vancouver tops ‘most hipster’ cities list" by Scott Hewitt,
November 29, 2107) also reported that Vancouver boasts the second best children's library as well as being the sixth best place to retire. Youngsters, oldsters, and hipsters - I'd say Vancouver has it all. That's cause enough to walk to the closest brewery and have a beer.


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