Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

You wanna bet?

We did a little furniture shopping last weekend and it was interesting to see how stores were handling the process of reopening and how many people were out shopping. In some places, it was very much like going to the grocery store. We had to wait outside until we were invited in because the store was limiting the number of people who could shop at any one time. Signs were posted saying that masks were required and assuring us that customer safety was paramount. Inside, people maintained social distancing for the most part but part of retail shopping necessitates touching things and there was no way to avoid that. In some stores, sanitizer dispensers were prevalent. Other stores seemed less organized, crowded, with long lines at the registers.

On our way home, we passed through the parking lot of an outlet mall just to get an idea of how many people were shopping for things like clothes. Here, it appeared that the retail sector was recovering with much enthusiasm. The parking lot, as well as several others we passed, was full. Small businesses may be suffering or out of business but big retailers didn't seem to skip a beat.

We then stopped at a nearby casino. The lot was about half full in the parking structure where we parked on the fourth floor. We took an elevator which was marked with signs advising only four passengers should enter at a time. Stickers in the corners marked where each should stand to maintain social distancing. Similarly, stickers on the floor indicated where people should wait for their turn. 

We had no trouble getting an elevator and rode alone to the casino floor. There, it was a little more chaotic as we tried to navigate the entrance. There were several security personnel trying to corral people through a chute of sorts, marked by temporary rope (crowd control) barriers. As we funneled through the chute, we were asked to lower our masks briefly so they could take our temperatures, they said, but no one approached us and there were no other instructions. Just a lot of people standing around. We continued walking into the casino wondering which of the security guys had failed to take our temperatures.

As it turns out, our temperatures were taken by a thermal scanner as we walked into the casino.

It reminded us the body scanner depicted in Total Recall. We just walked in as an employee in front of a computer screen reviewed our images. (What else could they see besides temperature?) Lowering our masks may have had more to do with the overhead security camera or to verify we were of a legal age to enter. I have no idea.

The casino was packed. Social distancing was out the window. Masks among the customers appeared optional although most were wearing them. There were Plexiglas barriers between some players but otherwise, there appeared to be little concern with regard to movement and separation of customers. 

We weren’t there to gamble. We just stopped in to see the place and to get a drink but the bar was so crowded that we never got served and the lines were long enough that we didn’t want to order ourselves. So, we left.

Leaving was more chaotic than when we arrived. People crowded around to get an elevator back to their cars. In our elevator, a fifth person, not wearing a mask, joined us. She had been on her phone while we were waiting for our elevator and she appeared distracted so Hubby let her know there were only four to a car. She said, “So? You’re wearing a mask. You’re fine,” and continued on with her phone conversation. She had a lot more to say after she got off the elevator on the third floor. She made it clear to anyone within earshot that there was some jackass on the elevator bitching about the rules.

In the comments following an article about the reopening of Las Vegas, there were other people bitching - either about following rules or not following rules. As far as I'm concerned, how much risk versus fear you want to live with is up to you but have some respect. We don’t have to agree but we should try to get along with one another. Maybe there should be a mask optional section and a mask only section in casinos or stores. I don’t know but, personally, I don't plan on going back to that casino anytime soon. It's too hard to get a drink.

Besides, it didn't look like they were hurting for my business. I think they'll do okay without me.