Sunday, September 29, 2019


In celebration of National Coffee Day, I am enjoying a second cup of joe and lusting over an espresso maker - the Breville Barista Express. Sexy, no? And, att 50% off, what's not to love?

I already own not one but two identical espresso machines. They are a model made by Saeco so ancient that you might only be able to find one at Goodwill any more. (This one went for $60.) I have two because I used to have two homes and I loved this machine. I bought the first one somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 years ago. I bought the second one five or so years ago because I couldn't possibly live without one in my temporary second home. There were - and are - so many espresso makers out there, it was easiest to buy what I already knew.

Even then, the Saeco (sold as the Starbucks Barista), was hard to find so when I found someone selling one on Craigslist for $75, I called her and offered full price. Now that I'm settled in one location, I still have the second machine on hand just in case the first one breaks down. It is, after all, old. I need to have my bases covered. (It's not as old as my toaster, however, which dates back to 1960. Come to think of it, it does make terrible toast.)

On the other hand, a sexy new machine like the Breville must make better espresso drinks than my 20 year old Starbucks branded relic. Right? Plus, the machine comes highly recommended. The reviews posted on Sur la table's website include:
my elegant girlfriend told me to get this one..
I'm elegant. So what's to stop me - or, say, Hubby - from rushing out and grabbing this beauty? Besides, its National Coffee Day! Is there no better way to celebrate than with an expensive (albeit half off), totally unnecessary piece of kitchen equipment?

Or, is it unnecessary? I could be lusting after this:

Victoria Arduino Venus Bar Semiautomatic Espresso Maker
Only $19,5000 from Majesty Coffee

Just sayin'.