Friday, March 27, 2020


Cactus Hugs | Coachella Valley coronavirus news and info | Thursday evening, 3/26 

Mexico has fewer than 500 confirmed COVID-19 cases, while the United States has over 80,000. Now, residents in Sonora, south of Arizona, have promised to block traffic into Mexico for a second day after closing a checkpoint for hours on Wednesday. They wore face masks and held signs telling Americans to “stay at home”

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lawlessness Reigns

Can you imagine? Hoarding essentials, edging a neighbor out of the way to reach the last package of pasta on the shelf. Wanton beach revelers, ignoring the new norms of social distancing. Kids out of school, store closures; now, parks and golf course closures.

A closed golf course is an invitation for mischief - all that open space. . . . There has been casual walking about without aid of cart or burden of clubs, for example, even as people continue to golf, pilfering as it were, by not paying fees. Some of these ambulators walk the course in reverse order. Chaos!

These thieving golfers - without the rule of law, or in this case course marshals, wear jeans and are sometimes barefoot. How uncouth! I've even heard music broadcast from their bags of sticks. Some drink alcohol! A golfer with alcohol is like a ... well, like a golfer I suppose. Why, just yesterday, I saw several youths - a gang, perhaps! - dressed in black, with funny haircuts, swinging clubs, wildly, at golf balls. An unsightly, if not threatening, siege.

And dogs - on the course, enjoying endless, beautifully manicured green space - that very same scenery generally reserved for the few. The privileges of the paying public are being grossly undermined by such lawlessness.

There's been jaywalking on our vacant streets and golf cart drivers who don't signal turns. A slippery slope should this continue.

What is to become of us?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We do not wish to minimize the very real and difficult struggles of many during these uncertain times. We offer our sympathy and support to those who are affected.]

Monday, March 23, 2020

Never fear! Budweiser is here!

New York Post | Anheuser-Busch, New York distilleries making hand sanitizer during coronavirus crisis
The company said it would be working with the Red Cross to determine where the hand sanitizer “will be needed most” — while stressing it was being made “in addition” to beer during the time of national crisis.

h/t Grump

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Taxes, Beer, and Cornhole

The date for filing individual federal income tax returns has moved from April 15 to July 15*, 2020, for tax year 2019. While that might suggest I have three more months to do the same amount of work, the reality is the clients' sense of urgency will also be delayed three months. It just postpones procrastination.

As a result, I had my first day off in several weeks which was wonderful. However, if I have to be under a stay-at-home order, I might as well work since I work from home. Theoretically, these emergencies measures won't last forever and by the time we can all go outside, I will be stuck inside doing some procrastinator's taxes. (Sound ungrateful much?)

You probably don't feel sorry for me.
But, when the going gets tough, the tough deliver beer. While local taprooms are shut down, breweries are staying open for growler fills and sale of packaged beer. Some are even offering delivery.

Yesterday, we took advantage and placed an order with La Quinta Brewing and they arrived just in time. I left a tip on the doorstep and backed away. They took the money, left the beer and wished us well. We are well stocked up on that provision, at least.

While we were waiting for our delivery, we found each other. Without work, without going places, we were forced to interact with each other. It's a skill we don't always pay attention to. It's like turning off the radio and paying attention to the road before us. 

Beer here. 
In our deserted community, we set up cornhole boards in the street. The boards are placed 27 feet apart which makes it the perfect game for social distancing. Then, while the pizza was in the oven and we were waiting for our beer, we played Farkel. It was like date-night-in. 

We live in a community that is mostly occupied by vacationers, either renting or visiting a second home. Typically the busy time of year, it's now mostly vacant. Canadians and other visitors have all gone home. There are a few left that are enjoying the relative solitude. One family, several houses down from us, includes three small boys who undoubtedly have no idea of what is going on (relative to coronavirus). Rather, they are enjoying unfettered freedom as they run with abandon over the now-closed golf course. Usually off limits, they can run for hundreds of yards within full sight of their parents. They're probably having the time of their lives.

I'm not having a hard time of it either. At least not yet. Food (and beer) are stocked. Plenty of coffee for the time being. I hope the hysteria wears off in a few weeks so we can re-stock as necessary but for now I can't complain. I'm safe and well.

I hope you are, too.

*In case you're wondering, you also have until July 15, 2020, to make your IRA contribution for 2019. April and June estimated tax payments for 2020, have been delayed until July 15th as well. (September and January deadlines currently remain in place.) I haven't seen any information regarding HSA contribution deadlines. State deadlines may differ. (Also, I am not a CPA and cannot give tax advice.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

We just don't know.

Our neighbors are roughly 80 years old, in my estimation. Really nice people who asked us over to their house for dinner last night - corned beef for St. Patrick's Day.

It would have been wonderful. They have been great neighbors and it would have been an opportunity to get to know them better. We didn't have any corned beef and Hubby would have loved a night off from cooking. (I have been under the weather for over a week and banned from meal preparation. Plus, it's tax season so I have little interest in cooking anyway.)

We declined the invitation. I haven't left the house since the 7th when Hubby and I took the grandkids out for dinner. With runny noses, they spent the night and went home the next day. I went out for pizza on the 6th and I went to the theater on the 5th where a man sitting two rows ahead of me coughed repeatedly. Somewhere in there, I picked up a bug of some kind.

Besides the fact that I am still showing symptoms of something (currently, I am a phlegm factory), Hubby is still going out into the wild on a daily basis - babysitting the grandkids who are out of school and stocking up on food and, now, cold and cough medicines. With regret, we explained that it seemed unwise to accept their kind invitation. Despite my symptoms and Hubby's forays, the likelihood that we are carriers of the coronavirus are probably low. Still, we don't know.

We just don't know.

What a strange time this is. Yet, octogenarians remind us that this is not the first time in this country that people have self-quarantined. Remember polio? Also, what about stock market crashes? Financial panic?

Knowing we've been there before doesn't make living with today's uncertainty any easier but at least we do know we'll get through it. Eventually.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Keeping Portland weird

Not so much weird but ingenious, a Portland (OR) distillery is making hand sanitizer from distillery waste and giving it away. Just keep in mind, you're not supposed to drink it so you might as well pick up some whiskey while you're there.

New York Post | Portland distillery is making free hand sanitizer for customers amid coronavirus shortage

The name of this place is called Shine Distillery & Grill.

Here's to ya. Shine on!