Wednesday, April 18, 2018


OMG ~ I had no idea the e-file problem was ALL DAY! My job is to produce tax returns (or extensions). I don't file them. After I do a return, a CPA reviews my work and communicates with the client, and then a different person e-files it and delivers the final product (a paper or electronic copy) to the client.

I knew there was a problem yesterday morning but we have problems all year long. "Glitches" they're called. Most of the time, they don't last all day but sometimes they do. A lot of times, we can work around the problem until the problem is fixed.

You know how Santa and the elves work all year for one big day? We're kinda the same (only in reverse. We help the government come into your homes and take your money.) My point is, it's what I work all year for. I start getting ready in November, start getting busy in February, and forget about sleep sometime in late March. The summer months are slow but a lot of returns don't get filed until October so there's a mini-tax season from September until October 15th. Then, it starts all over again with the big crescendo on April 15th. (Or 16th, or 17th, or, now, the 18th!)

Yesterday, was some serious freaking glitch!

After work yesterday, someone told me tax season wasn’t really over. 

Yeah, yeah, I said. 

Two people actually mentioned it but it didn't sink in.

This morning, I read the IRS is giving everyone an extra day. NOOOOOOOO!

I actually made plans to do something ELSE today. Anything but tax returns. 

So, no, I am NOT going to work today. The IRS might be giving you an extra day but my office is closed. (Unless, lavish gifts.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Remind you of anyone?

Student puts a spin on ‘no phone’ | The Columbian

“I joked that they could bring in a casette or CD if they wanted music, when the student chimed in and asked if he could bring in a record player,” Saueracker said by email Thursday. “Of course, I thought he was just being a smart ass, so I told him it was OK.”
Lo and behold, he said, the next day, Wednesday, Wyatt came to class carrying a portable record player, a 15-foot extension cord and a vinyl copy of Kanye West’s iconic album “The College Dropout.”
“I just did it as kind of a joke,” Wyatt, a junior, said. “I didn’t need to listen to music for the test. He said if I did he wouldn’t stop me, so I was like OK, I’ll do it.”

Hey, it's no Cadillac but whatever works.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Quittin' time

I just got a shoe box (they're electronic now) with 672 pages. Six Hundred SeventyTwo. That's a record!

It's 6:15 on a Thursday which is basically Pre-Friday. On April freaking 12. So, no. Not going to happen today.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Helpful Tax Tips

I had a guy ask if I could help him fill out his W4 to make sure he had the proper withholding considering the new tax regulations.

First of all, no. And second, the only (ONLY) questions allowed today are:

  • Would you like more coffee?
  • Can I bring you some chocolate?