Sunday, December 17, 2017

Journal Entry - 12/17/17

We are decidedly off schedule. I spent all of Thursday cooking Curry and baking cookies but work obligations kept us from driving to the coast. We packed Friday and got all the food organized and ready to go but work again kept us from getting on the road. Packed and ready to go, we stayed at home. The ultimate staycation.

We finally got on the road Saturday morning. We got about an hour into our three-hour drive when we realized that we had left ALL THE FOOD AT HOME. Lamenting our stupidity at Gilgamesh Brewing over a Vader Black IPA, we considered whether to turn back or to continue onward. We pressed on, leaving a gallon of vegetable Curry behind.

Guess what I’m serving for Christmas dinner?

Got to the beach where friends were waiting with a meal of homemade pasta and from-scratch tomato sauce. Fritos were served as the appetizer.

What if your spouse spoke like your navigation app? “In one hundred feet, take out the trash.” Never raising his/her American/British voice, “When possible, sleep elsewhere.”

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