Thursday, January 3, 2013

I can tell it's January. Besides the fact that it's freaking cold, readership of this blog has plummeted to single digits. (Holidailies always boosts it to double digits. It's such a thrill.)

You can also tell it's January because there's someone dancing on the street corner dressed like the Statue of Liberty. I think it's an initiation rite for acquiring a Liberty Tax Service franchise.

I guess that means it's Tax Season too but I'm going to ignore that for as long as possible. 

My clients do.

In the meantime, here's my plan for TSA. (How was that for a non sequitur?) Instead of standing in long, winding lines ...

Those lines remind me of Disneyland. (Stick with me. I got distracted.) They bend back and forth on themselves so you see the same faces every time you turn a corner. It's strange to spend that much time together while avoiding eye contact. By the end of it, I feel like I should know the names of the dozens of people on either side of me and I should be able to pick who I get to sit next to for the remainder of my journey.

Sure, there's a ride at the end of the line. But you don't have to strip to ride it at Disneyland.

...there should be people movers like easy chairs on a conveyor belt. It would give us time to get undressed, it could be rolled right through whatever zapping machine ensures our safety, and it could extend a comfortable length to allow passenger to get re-robed. Maybe it could linked into the luggage conveyor system and be on one big loop: passengers in, luggage out.

I don't know. It just seems more efficient.

It's the same system I would employ for the Art Walk if elected Mayor. 

Think about it.

We should sit and the art should move around. Sit at your favorite bar or restaurant, grab a window seat, and take in the Art Walk.


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