Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's All My Fault

The Seahawks lost on Sunday and it's all my fault. I feel badly about it too because a lot of people had high hopes for the team.

I watched the game.

I knew I shouldn't but I did for the first three quarters. I was at a gathering of friends so what was I supposed to do? I did my best to avoid the game. I hung out in the kitchen or the hallway, tried to avoid eye contact with the giant flat screen TV. But it wasn't enough. At the beginning of fourth quarter I announced I was going to Starbucks.

Before I was out the door, the team scored. See? I said. It's only weird if it works.

I returned with the coffees and the score had improved. My friends turned to me and - as lovingly as possible - asked me to leave. And, could I hurry up about it?

Yes, it was time for me to do what I could. For the team.

I spent the remainder of the game in my friend's den. The Seahawks continued to make gains. My friends continued to cheer and yell their instructions for me to stay well away. I did and in the final seconds of the game I even plugged my ears so I couldn't even hear the game.

It almost worked. We were so close. If only I had left in the first quarter.

For the next day two days I listened to sports announcers on the radio recapping the game, how we were this close to a win. I half expected them to say, "and if Lynn C Dot had only left the room earlier...."

If only.


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