Sunday, January 6, 2013


I just don't seem to have enough of it. If I had unlimited quantities of time, I would read more, write more, walk more, and - oddly - clean more. It's not that I place such a high premium on cleanliness. I just want to have enough time to clean my house and purge my space of so much accumulated junk. I am un-American in that I can still get both cars into my garage but it's getting tight in there and if we should ever be hit by an earthquake the cars would be so buried that we might never see them ever again.

I value my leisure time more and more these days. Even on days when I "don't have anything to do," I still can't get it all done in a day. How is that possible?

Speaking of time, digital clocks can provide hours minutes of entertainment. For example:

12:34 - fun, right?
11:11 - looks like corduroys
10:40 - okay, not so much fun but a good reminder to avoid avoiding work*

Can't do that with an analog clock, can you?

10:03 is my personal favorite because that's my birthday. Twice a day, assuming I'm paying attention to the clock at that particular moment, I will actually point out - out loud - to whoever might be in the vicinity, "Hey, it's 10:03!"

Well, maybe I have more time on my hand than I think.

*Thanks to 76003.1414 for adding the emergency link.

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