Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Joggers

Lots of people out exercising today. Maybe not where you are because where you are it's probably freezing outside. We're just north of freezing but the sun is out, it's the first of a new year, and people are optimistic (if they aren't paying attention to the news).

Tomorrow, (whether or not anyone is paying attention to the news) there will be fewer people out there because they overextended their physical limitations the day before (and the night before that, albeit in other capacities).

By the end of the week, things will be back to normal. Couches will be sat upon and potato chips will be greedily consumed.

I'll skip the bravado and head straight for the couch, thank you and pass the chips.

I had take out for breakfast today - corned beef hash and eggs from Sherman's Deli & Bakery - and was amused by the expired party animals. Most of the crowd was wearing yoga chic but there were more than a few there with glittered platform shoes, short skirts, and bloodshot eyes nursing either Bloody Marys or bottled waters.

I was nursing my coffee. Pretty soon I'll be nursing a pretty lengthy nap.

Off to a good start so far.

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