Friday, January 18, 2013


That was my cat's name. Loved that silly cat.

It's also the weather forecast for today. From NOAA,
Patchy fog after noon. Widespread freezing fog before noon. Otherwise, partly sunny...
Fog as far as the eye can see, but otherwise....   which is to say if we didn't have fog, we'd have sun. That could pretty much sums up winter around here although we're usually talking about rain, as in  .... raining for the next three months but otherwise sunny...

The hourly forecast shows a perfectly calm day. If I had one of those cozy Northwest boats, I would say today is the perfect day for boating. The lake must be like glass - can't tell for sure through all this fog.

And the sky cover percentage looks better than it does on the average Seafair weekend. Just looking at the hourly chart you would think it was going to be a perfect day on the lake. Well, other than the freezing temperatures and the sky cover is pretty literal.

I was going to take the topless car today but, the visual for the forecast looked like this:

Might have to think about taking the regular car.


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