Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I've been in a desert the last few days, literally and figuratively. No wifi, no cable, but lots and lots of sun and sand. Nothing to do but lie about and read. Roughing it.

Plugged back in now but while I was gone a whole bunch of people decided to get their tax stuff organized so it looks like tax season is in full swing. Freezer is stocked with leftovers. Office is stocked with coffee and chocolate. Should be set for a while.

I also have several weekend diversions planned over the next few weeks so it won't be all work and no play. Not yet. That starts just after March 15th. Then, things get crazy.

Sun is just coming up and I've already drained my coffee cup. Guess that means it's time to go to work.

Makes me long for the desert.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Being an accountant is not without it's high points.

The first tax return came in earlier this week and landed on my desk yesterday. Meanwhile:

IRS Systems Outage Shuts Down Tax Processing

This is so beautiful, I can hardly stand it. But the good news is this:
“At this time, the IRS does not anticipate major refund disruptions; we continue to expect that 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days.”
That tenth guy is just SOL.

Geek Heaven

Have you made your Pi Day plans yet? That's okay, you still have time. It's a little more than five weeks away - March 12.

You could think about signing up for this: The West Coast KenKen Tournament At Pacific Science Center. Registration is limited to the first 200 people to sign up so you better hurry. There's at least one signed up already.

That's right. I registered.

My best time for a 9x9 is something like 15 minutes. They usually take an hour, although, frequently, I can get it under 30 minutes. Don't know what I'm talking about? KenKen is a puzzle that's often included in the newspaper somewhere near the crossword puzzle.

Don't know what a newspaper is? You can play it online here or download it to your mobile device here.

The tournament is usually held in December. In New York. At the Chappaqua Public Library. It's on my calendar every year but I never go. But, now, it's coming to me. If you want to see what a KenKen tournament looks like, you can watch a suspenseful short movie about the first KenKen Puzzle Tournament here.

Kind of makes you want to go, right? I just printed out some practice puzzles. I'm super excited.

Hubby wants to know if there are cheerleaders. I'm thinking there should be. T-shirts, signs, cheers. Oh, yeah, baby! I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

That's what it's called.

Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop Arrested for Assault: Police
" Zopittybop-bop-bop, who grew up outside Chicago and later moved to Madison, Wisconsin, was born with the name Jeffrey Drew Wilschke. He legally changed it in 2011. He said in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal his first name means "the explosion of awareness of the interconnectedness of the infinite love in the universe." Additionally, Doo-doo "is the struggle of our daily lives with that awareness, that with love comes chaos." "

Who is Shirley, anyway?

Woman Pulls Over Cop for Speeding, Gets Apology

" 'The reason I pulled you over today,' Castillo began much like many statements given by officers, 'is because I saw you since Miller Drive when you were first jumping onto the Palmetto, and you were pushing 90 miles an hour.' "

You go, girl. I would have just written a letter.

I did that once, back in the day, when I lived in Mayberry, I saw a police officer pull a u-turn but he didn't have his lights on.

I wrote a letter.

No one wrote back.

But, that was before cell phones or social media were invented. Or blogs. Now, I might blog about the injustice of cops breaking traffic laws.

Surely, that could make a difference.

Designer Genes

The UK Just Green-Lit Crispr Gene Editing in Human Embryos
" YESTERDAY, UK FERTILITY regulators gave the green light to gene editing in viable human embryos—a controversial first step toward what some see as a future of designer babies. Cue the dystopian think pieces. "

Microsoft Surface?

Cloud Computing Center Submerged Underwater

" 'This is speculative technology, in the sense that if it turns out to be a good idea, it will instantly change the economics of this business,' Whitaker said. "

What could go wrong?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Seems like there's a joke in here somewhere.

Secured perimeter fence included.

I know some Oregon ranchers who might be interested.

Or, Donald Trump.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Someone accused me of being a tea drinker.

I would like to make things clear. While I drink tea, I am not a non-coffee drinker. I drink tea in addition to my coffee habit. Also, I do not drink decaf.

Thank you for your attention.

In other news, I am currently goofing-off impaired. I blame work for this but, of course, that is the very definition of the malady. I usually like to do my goofing off in the mornings since that is when I stand to avoid the most work. But as my focus turns more to work, I find that I try to schedule some goofing off time in the afternoons. This rarely works because in the afternoon, there’s not much left to avoid except the avoidance itself. (See the problem?)

Yesterday, I found myself with three unscheduled hours. A continuous three hour period, no less. I was taking a train from Seattle to Portland. Said train had wifi and a bar car. I toted a backpack containing a laptop and a book. (No really, an actual book. With paper and everything.)

I have been deferring great quantities of goofing offness for such a time as this. I had emails to return, websites to surf, flowers to order for a friend facing surgery, a note to write to yet another friend requiring regular blood transfusions, journal entries to catch up on, calendars to update, and a short story to edit and submit. If there was time leftover, I had my book to read.

Then, along came Renee who sat down beside me eating her curds and whey. No, wait, it was a turkey sandwich. I asked her where she was traveling from and two and a half hours later I had her whole life story.

She was delightful and I didn’t mind. Even if I did, I’m not the type of person who extricates herself easily from uncomfortable situations. I just nod and listen. Whether she had a need to tell me things or she couldn’t help herself, I don’t know. But, why not listen? Someday, somewhere along the line, I will want someone to listen to me. And I know it’s important to be heard.