Friday, January 25, 2013

My Fillings are Falling Out

I live in a ground floor apartment, in an end unit facing the street. Actually, it "faces" two very nice courtyards. It's my bedroom that faces the street.

Across the street used to be the original Burgerville which provided rich aromas of charred burgers and deep fried potatoes. In fact, on one website, our current location is still referred to as
....1 block behind the original Burgerville.
The iconic Burgerville was demolished in 2011 and since then the view from our bedroom window was a vacant lot and the aroma of french fries was no more. The only sounds we heard were the gentle braking of semis on the nearby freeway, the incessant City of Vancouver street cleaners, and the garbage trucks on Tuesday mornings.

This morning, at 7 a.m. sharp, we heard the monotone beeps of heavy construction equipment being driven in reverse. No snooze alarm here, the beeps were followed by the roar of several pieces of equipment being fired up and some activity that I couldn't make out from across the street in the predawn light. I don't know what they're doing, exactly, but whatever it is shakes my building to its core.

According to this same website, the condos were originally built in
1944/1945 - They housed the nuns from the orphanage/church across the street at The Academy just 1 block south of the condos.
The Academy referred to above has its own history which is very interesting although offsite housing for the nuns isn't specifically mentioned.

Soon our view will be of Prestige Plaza. I can hardly wait.

As long as all this shaking  doesn't spill my coffee, we should be okay. But since I work from home, I may want to find my earplugs.

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