Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sliding Scale for Perks

Last night, I dreamed I was in a restaurant sitting with a group at a large table, waiting to place my order for breakfast. When the waiter, George Takei, came to me, he informed me there was variable peak pricing on coffee and it would currently cost me double. He said this with a grin that said I got you now!

I refused and to make my point, I ordered only dry toast for breakfast. Take that! I will never pay double for coffee!

Can you imagine if Starbucks did this - charged double for coffee? Disregarding the argument that they already do, what if it cost $10 for a cup of your favorite brew before, say, 10 a.m.? People would pay it, that's what! Instead of offering discounts on coffee after 2 p.m. (1 p.m. in Canada), Starbucks would be smart to jack their prices up in the morning hours.

Or it could be truly variable pricing like the toll lanes on I-405 near Seattle. The more people who are standing in line, the higher the price for coffee thereby, theoretically, making it faster for everyone to get where they're going by weeding out the people who aren't willing to pay the price. Some would defer their drinking preferences to the afternoon when prices are lower while others would go elsewhere, taking the side streets as it were.

Me? I would probably pay the price. Not every day but, surely, I would probably be one of the ones to pay the ransom price. I'd have to switch my drink to something less expensive like drip (no pun intended) since I've already spent all my savings on my regular drink but that's okay because Starbucks is my new retirement plan. I can hang out there all day with free refills, free wifi, and a restroom. Adult daycare for coffee addicts.

Is this a great idea? Yes. Should Starbucks do this? No. But, in the off chance they actually do, just remember they didn't get the idea from me.

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