Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hot Sorority Girls?

You know those movies that portray sorority houses as places where young women run around in their underwear? You know, they're all getting ready for some party and they're preening in front of a mirror in nothing but a bra (or topless) and panties because what else do sorority girls do?

I was in a sorority and I don't remember it being that way. Not for me, anyway. I remember one girl whose main focus was more the next party than the next class but the rest of us were fairly serious about our studies. As for running around in our underwear, I don't remember much of that either. I remember my housemates as being somewhat modest.

I think if we were to have a reunion, however, it would be a different story. Just assuming we'd be willing to share a bathroom, can you imagine a group of women in their fifties, running their blowdryers all at the same time? If you're a woman in your fifties, you can't.

Thirty years later (when did that happen?), I wear as little as possible when I'm drying my hair and have a fan on to boot. By the time my hair is done, I've got a full on sweat going and could use another shower.

But who wants to see a bathroom fun of fifty-year-olds in their underwear?

(Put your hands down.)

Maybe it's fifty-year-old men making those sorority movies. That's gotta be it.

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