Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pro Bowl for Long Snappers

No need to set your DVR. There is no Pro Bowl for long snappers. You don't even get to vote for them when it comes to the Pro Bowl. Not even on the ballot.

Speaking of which, Mr. Commissioner, I saw in more than one article that voting would conclude on December 15th. It's still December 15th here on the west coast and I see that voting is now closed. I realize most of the teams are on the east coast but, hey, we're football fans too!

Michael Davis Smith opined for NBC Sports: "The Pro Bowl ballot does not include long snappers, because, really, who can identify the NFL’s best long snappers?" Instead, the Long Snapper is appointed by the Pro Bowl coaches. Sometime in January. As an afterthought.

So much for "need" player.

#49 Clint Gresham for the Seattle Seahawks has my vote anyway.

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