Saturday, December 26, 2015

From Johnny Jumper to Johnny Walker

Actual Christmas gift under the tree this year.
It was from Sears.
There's a certain amount of regression that occurs as you get older. For instance, just as when you were a baby, your quality of life is measured by the quality and quantity of bowel movements. You started in diapers and, whether or not you like to think about it, you'll probably go out in diapers too. 
As babies learn to walk, they might use something like an activity walker. 

But walkers are so limiting. What if, instead of this . . .
. . . your walker looked more like this:
It's a Johnny Jumper and a walker: It's a Johnny Walker!
I didn't do well in Art class.
Never be afraid of falling again! The extending legs allow you to use your Johnny Walker as a dining chair or barstool! Park next to the dugout and watch Junior's Little League game. Go dancing and never miss a step! Ice skating anyone? 

Optional activity tray provides hours of entertainment while improving your memory skills and eye-hand coordination. Optional headrest allows you to sleep wherever you are without fear of tipping over.

It's the perfect device for keeping you active and upright.

Available in black, red, or blue.

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