Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's December already?

When did that happen? Oh, like a week ago? Jeez, where have I been?

It's not like I've been all that busy - I've only been in two cities this first week. (I'll be in a total of five different cities in December.) Doing what? you might ask. It's a long story but this is my version of being homeless.

Short version: I'm anything but homeless - I'm less one home. I used to have two-and-a-half homes but I sold one and the "half" is a boat. So instead of commuting back and forth between two homes, I just go where I feel like going on my time off. This month that includes visits to Palm Desert, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (BC).

Somewhere in there, there's a holiday. You would think it would be helpful if someone sent out a reminder! Oh, that's the incessant holiday music? The twinkly, sparkly decorations?

Good gravy. I've got to get my act together!

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MissMeliss said...

I think I'm a bit envious... I've always wanted to have a boat be one of my homes. I'm not certain my collection of dogs would on board (no pun intended) with that plan, though. Happy Holidailies.