Monday, September 2, 2013

How Lucky Can A Girl Get?

Got a couple new pairs of Luckys last weekend - a pair of longs and a pair of shorts. This brings my Lucky total to eight - five pairs of jeans, one pair of capris (which you could call extra-longs), and now longs and shorts.

I love my Luckys better than my Sevens. The first pair of Sevens I loved so much I sent them to Denim Therapy to get repaired when I ripped through the back end. It was worth every penny.

Later, when more of the back end gave way, I patched them on my own with iron-on patches. This made them terribly uncomfortable to wear but it gave them a little extra life.

When the knees finally gave out, I sent them to an outfit I found online that promised to convert the remaining denim (of which there was now very little) into a skirt. I paid them money.

No jean skirt yet. Just promises.

I'm feeling ripped off but not willing to declare defeat yet.

I love my Luckys but I miss those Sevens.

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