Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do It

A friend of mine posted on FB that she had a mat stolen while she was staying at an RV campsite. She wandered about and found it at another site and confronted the woman who was there. The woman denied it but the woman's husband threw his wife under the proverbial bus and my friend was able to recover her mat.

The other woman and her husband were in their seventies.

But here's the real story: My friend and her husband were attending a WPA event called Do It.

Now, WPA stands for Western Pyrotechnic Association. And, Do It is an event held in Nevada and is short for Do-It by the Ammo Depot.

Of the Do It event, the WPA website says:
. . . this event came from the need to have a second event during the year and geared more towards the hobbyist. . . .and now boasts attendance in the triple digits. This event is geared towards those who like to develop and create pyrotechnic items.
By my tally, we have over a hundred amateur pyrotechnics in RVs in the desert by an ammo depot.

I would sooo not be worried about the mat.

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