Monday, September 2, 2013

Sticky Situation

After Rehoboth, we drove to DC and had about an hour to kill before we needed to get to the airport. When we rolled down the windows, we realized we would melt through our clothes in that time. There were parts of my body sticking to other parts of my body that weren't even supposed to touch. Luckily, we had suitcases full of clothes.

We found a parking garage and changed our clothes right there, behind the car. We were located near a large public park where others might have had the same idea as there were lots of people playing in the fountain, running, or biking. And, it was hot. Too hot to care.

There were a lot of pleasure boats cruising up and down the Potomac and tied up outside the restaurants. It looked like a nice place to have a boat. We wandered around the Georgetown Waterfront Park for about thirty minutes before we found refuge and sustenance in a local restaurant.

Refreshed, we walked a couple blocks to the canal before retrieving our car - which was a whole experience in itself. By that time, there was two-way traffic in a garage that was only big enough for one-way flow. There was an underground traffic jam as drivers tried to figure out how to maneuver around concrete posts without hitting oncoming cars that often had to back up to accommodate, sending a line of cars back up the down ramp. No one seemed too agitated so perhaps this is a common occurrence.

We waited until we were at the airport to change back into our travel clothes. Five and half hours later, we were "home" where it was mercifully cooler.

We had brunch at Lapellah where I did not take a picture of my food (which was a delicious homemade corned beef hash with two sloppy eggs, btw). I have taken pictures of my food here before, however. (Yep, I'm that person.)

We have another day off today. So, diet starts tomorrow.

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