Sunday, September 8, 2013

Time for Some Ice Cream

Or, quite possibly, a nap.

Or both.

Actually, I'm getting a facial tomorrow. I would feel guilty about taking the time on a Monday afternoon during one of the busiest work weeks of the year except I've been entertaining grand-kids for the last 72 hours and I'm exhausted. I'm thinking a facial is just what this grandma deserves.

We played secret agent and Garbage Pail Kids. We fashioned a bow and arrow out of sticks and yellow yarn and then turned the front yard into a giant spider web using the rest of the yarn, stringing it back and forth across the lawn between the shrubbery. We built vast mansions out of playing cards and read stories late into the night.

One of them has mastered my coffee maker which is no simple task. But, he's been watching me make coffees and lattes with it since he was in a high chair, studying each step. Now, at the age of five, he can make it for me. (I wonder if he can teach his grandfather how to do it.)

They're gone now and the house is blissfully quiet. I'd clean the house but it seems like too much work. I think I'll drop the top, go for a scoop of ice cream, and just think about it for a while.

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