Monday, September 9, 2013

It Works Too!

'X-ray vision carrots' gets kids to eat: Share your fun vegetable names - Parent Buzz -
In the study, 147 students ranging from 8 to 11 years old took part in a vegetable tasting. When researchers changed the name of carrots to “X-ray vision carrots”, a whopping 66 percent were eaten, far more than the 32 percent eaten when they called the carrots “Food of the Day” and 35 percent eaten when they left them unnamed. 
When the grand-kiddies came over, we were just coming home ourselves after traveling for almost two weeks. Even before we got home, trunk still full of luggage, we stopped for takeout to feed everybody. (The grand-babies brought their parents.)

I made oatmeal for everyone for breakfast the next morning but I had to work that day so dinner became takeout again. This time, pizza.

Breakfast the following morning was toaster waffles although my grandson got bonus points for eating oatmeal instead - requesting it, even.

By dinnertime, I was feeling very guilty about all the junk I had been feeding everyone. I wanted to cook a meal and I wanted to get my five-year-old, picky eater, grandson to be involved in the decision making.

When it came to vegetables, I didn't get much help. He pretty much rejected everything we offered. As it happened, I was browsing Food Network Magazine wherein there was an article substantially similar to the link above.

We asked our grandson if he would like some X-Ray Vision Carrots for dinner. That got his attention. How about Super Power Peas? Yes, please! He ate all his vegetables and asked for more!

I don't care if I have to trick him to eat his vegetables. It's worth it.

As for the x-ray vision, he'll just have to keep eating the carrots until it works.

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