Friday, September 21, 2012


I was looking at the calendar for the Clark County Event Center to see what there was to do this weekend. I thought maybe it was time for the county fair but it's already come and gone. However, if you're interested, there are two events taking place there this weekend: The Portland Agility Dog Trials and the Seattle Cat Club Show. Funny that these would be on the same weekend and that it's the dogs that need to be agile.

But this reminds me: I went to the library yesterday to pick up The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum. I thought it might provide some useful ideas of how to foil my protagonists in my upcoming Now & Then story. In browsing the shelf, I found some other interesting titles and also checked out Coroner At Large by Thomas T. Noguchi, M.D. and This Will Kill You by HP Newquist and Rich Maloof. (This last one already looks good. Check out the Table of Contents: Chapter One, Alligators....)

These books were located very near another interesting title: The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women by Mikaya Heart.

Interesting that death and orgasm are shelved so close together.

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