Sunday, September 2, 2012

Boating Adventure # (n+1)

Went to the boat yesterday and found it had lost power. The batteries were low and we could only get one engine started. Luckily, we were able to get the second one started without too much fuss and we were on our way.

As we left the marina, I went below to get our lunches and found a small stream of water leaking from the refrigerator. Of course, it had defrosted! I grabbed a towel to mop things up and tentatively opened the refrigerator door and that's when things got really bad.

Not only had all the ice melted but the hamburgers which were frozen when we last left the boat were now thawed and rotting in the freezer, and meat juices were dripping everywhere. Oh, did it stink! (I think it smelled worse that our soiled dinghy!)

I shut the door and hoped it would all go away, disappear like a bad dream. But, it didn't so we dropped an anchor and went to work. I got towels, soapy water, and bleach while Hubby went to work cleaning the fender covers that got goopy on our last trip in salt water. Friends came by and asked if we needed any help. We shooed them away saying the chore was too disgusting to share and they sailed on their merry way.

The sun was out and it was, otherwise, a pleasant day and so we decided our efforts deserved a beer to cheer us in our unhappy tasks. That's when our day went from bad to worse - when we realized we were afloat, alone, with tepid alcohol and no ice! We nearly called Vessel Assist!

We thought this situation might constitute a new definition for "dry dock" but we recovered. We chilled a couple of brews in the freezer as we finished our smelly tasks and drank them in celebration of our survival of the day's ordeals.

Oh my, that was a close one!

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