Saturday, December 8, 2018

Stick Dog

This is the name I've given to a sleeping position I adopt
Stick dog or self portrait?
when I break out in a sweat, a common occurrence generally limited to my sleeping hours. It involves laying on my side with my arms and legs extended in search of cooler sheets.

Another position, unnamed, involves laying face down except I've been told never to sleep face down so while my lower half is face down, so to speak, my shoulders are rotated as in the Stick Dog position.

Temperatures are in the 20s at night now. Yet, I sleep with the fan on, covers thrown off, with arms and legs splayed while Hubby shivers under two Pendelton wool blankets. Both of us believe we should be losing weight - he because of vigorous and continual shivering and I through profuse sweating. It's hard to imagine that our slumber is restful! Neither, however, has found any weight loss in sleep.

Why am I telling you this? Your guess is as good as mine. I needed to post today so this is what you get. As in most blogs, it is a rambling of personal problems best kept to oneself. And, yet, I ramble on!

Now posted, you are dismissed.

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Mellie said...

I feel the same some nights except I go from being so hot to being freezing cold!