Monday, December 31, 2018

Crazy Eights

As I look back on 2018 and beyond, I think of the major events that happened in years that ended in 8.

1938 - my dad was born
1988 - a boy that was to become my stepson was born
2008 - my grandson was born

1988 - my divorce, and death of two grandparents (that was a tough year)

2018 - 89 nights away from home

For 2018, my iPhone reports daily averages of:

  • 1.8 miles walked
  • 4,348 steps
  • 7 floors

These averages do not include times I walk, step, or climb floors without my iPhone. I live in a 3-story condo and the first two flights of every day - downstairs for coffee, upstairs to change into my walking gear - are without my phone. I imagine there are other times throughout the day since I work from home. It isn't hard to imagine my average is closer to 10 flights per day, or more. 

4,300 steps and 1.8 miles is probably considered only moderately active but my weight fluctuated less than a pound during the year despite the fact I had a handful of potato chips for breakfast this morning. (I couldn't help myself. Besides, I can get a little crazy on New Year's Eve, right?)

I don't remember the years ending in 9 as being so crazy. In 1989, I married a man that I'm still married to. Some might call that crazy but I'm pretty happy about it. Next year, we already have 41 nights scheduled for travel through May. That could be considered crazy, I suppose. Crazy or not, life is pretty good when you get right down to it. Not always easy but somehow we manage to get through it. 

I hope 2018 was reasonably good for you and your 2019 is even better. Crazy or not, here we come.

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