Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I broke my rule about Costco in December ...

... which is DON'T GO. Costco is always a madhouse, especially so in December, but I was out of coffee and you do not want to know what that looks like!

So we braved it. I braved the warehouse while Hubby braved the parking lot. For emphasis, Hubby parked the car in a Costco parking lot, in December, while I was in a Costco warehouse, in December. We're lucky we're not still there. Me, snaking around aisles clogged with people clumped around overwhelmed, hairnetted retirees to sample whatever food was being handed out, and Hubby in an endless circuit around the parking lot interrupted only by people who look like they're going to back out of a spot but never really do.

If it wasn't for the coffee, we wouldn't have gone. Except, we were also out of everything else. We stocked up on paper towels, toilet paper, and Kleenex. And Triscuits. I couldn't help myself. I got a case of four boxes but they are organic so they're good for me, right?

Somehow, I made it out of there and we were reunited, for the most part, unscathed. (There may be some PTSD but we haven't been diagnosed yet.)

Technically, I broke two of my rules: the one about December plus the one about going. We live in a condo. We don't have room for three cases of paper products. (I made space for the case of Triscuits.) Euphoric over surviving the trip, this lapse in judgement became immediately apparent. There was no place to put all this stuff: 12 rolls of paper towel, 30 rolls of toilet paper, and 12 boxes of Keenex. The only good news is that I won't have to go back to Costco for a very long time (or at least until my two pound bag of coffee runs out - which could be next week.)

If I'm out of paper product next December, I'm just going to have to stay at your house.

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