Friday, October 24, 2014

Shaking With Anticipation

To Promote New Pre-Pay Program, Starbucks Offers To Foot Coffee Bill For 30 Years | OPB
"As a promotion for its new order ahead and pre-pay program, Starbucks is offering free drink or food every day for 30 years to 10 customers. 
"You can get in the running by paying with the Starbucks app, starting Dec. 2. The offer runs until Christmas. 
"Portlanders will be the first test market for the new pre-pay program. Right now, the program is scheduled to start here before the end of the year. The rest of the country, including Starbucks’ home base in Seattle, will have to wait until the end of 2015."
Here's why:

Portlanders Like Their Coffee Almost As Much As They Like To Sleep | OPB
"According to data collected by the alarm clock app, Sleep Cycle, Portlanders spend the most amount of time in bed when compared to other major U.S. cities." 
"Our northern neighbors in Seattle come in at No. 4, getting about five minutes less sleep than Portland. 
"But all that sleep isn’t enough to curb our coffee addictions. Sleep Cycle found that Portland is also No. 2 in coffee consumption nationwide, behind Boston. We’re trailed by other fast-paced metros like Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York, and we’re the only Northwest city in the ranking."
I'm thinking I might move to Portland.

(h/t Hubby)

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