Monday, October 27, 2014


Yesterday, was my 1,000th published post on Chocolate Chip Mint:

That doesn't include posts to my other pages:

Some of you have discovered my "." page which has garnered 100 views even though that page is, essentially, blank. The reason for its existence is part tongue-in-cheek (h/t Kellie) and partly because the page was used previously for something else. I'm guessing that few of you know what that page said yesterday and even fewer of you new what the page was originally created for. But I love that people are curious.

You might be aware that I am not a fan of articles with headlines that include the words, "Top Ten . . . ." Here, nonetheless, I provide you with The Top Ten Posts on Chocolate Chip Mint. (At least this information will not be provided in a slide show.)

What cracks me up about this list is that three of the top ten are "10," "9," and "8." These posts are nothing more than blank pages. (I have no why idea 1-7 were not as popular.)

Noticing that "Cornhole Chronicles" ranked third reminds me that I am well past due for the 2014 installment. I have been carting around my notes and photos since August and someday I may well convert that into a post lest you think I'm bad with deadlines.

I was just telling Hubby that I'm not sure I have time for this anymore. (Anyone who is truly devoted to avoiding work knows just how much time that actually takes.) But this is too much fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Kellie said...

Haha. And How did I miss the "intentionally BLANK" pages! LOL. I hope you never stop wasting time and avoiding work :) i think it's time for an ice cream party