Thursday, July 24, 2014

What, We're Not Good Enough?

If you've been breathing lately, you may have noticed a certain amount of a hullabaloo concerning an upcoming film called Fifty Shades of Grey (haha - I almost wrote Filthy Shades of Grey). A good deal of the book takes place in Seattle, however filming was done in Vancouver, B.C., no doubt due to favorable government subsidies.

Byran Hall.jpg
Washington State University Vancouver
"Byran Hall" by Iidxplus - Own work.
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CC BY-SA 3.0
Wikimedia Commons.
Part of the story takes place in Vancouver - the other one, in Washington (the other one, on the west coast) - at Washington State University Vancouver. The movie, however, will feature the University of British Columbia (which, coincidentally, is located at Point Grey).

Irving K. Barber Library.jpg
University of British Columbia
"Irving K. Barber Library" by CjayD -
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The Fairmont Hotel will be used in the movie instead of Portland's Heathman in the book.

Hotel vanc 2007.jpg
The Fairmont Hotel
"Hotel vanc 2007" by Ken Walker - Own work.
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Heathman Hotel Portland.JPG
The Heathman Hotel"Heathman Hotel Portland" by Ulmanor (talken.wikipedia
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I probably won't see it regardless of where the movie was shot. It won't be good - in my preconceived opinion. (That won't keep it from making a ton of money, though.)

Oh, well. We're used to being overlooked here in Vancouver (the other one), Washington (the other one).

[Added 7/28/14]

I forgot to mention that some of the story takes place in Meydenbauer Bay. (Not in the bay, itself, but on a waterfront estate adjacent thereto.) This happens to be a place where I spend a considerable amount of time.

I have no idea where they shot the scenes in place of this locale. Probably in some other place called Bellevue.

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