Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Traffic Thought For The Day

Have you ever spotted an off-season Santa? I see him driving around town once in a while. He's often wearing an undershirt (because it's relatively hot in Seattle) and suspenders. He hasn't shaved and he hasn't lost any of his winter weight, either. He's never in the kind of car you think he'd be in. He's usually driving a Pinto or a Ford Focus and I most often spot him near a Walmart. He's not as glamorous in real life as he is when he's working.

Yesterday, I'm pretty sure I spotted Superman in traffic. From the looks of it, he might not be that good of a driver. The bumper on his 10-year-old minivan was starting to come loose and there were a couple of small dents here and there. Of course, Superman doesn't have a car so he might not have much experience behind the wheel. He might not even have a driver's license! Clark Kent might have a car but Clark Kent wears glasses.

This guy wasn't wearing glasses but I could tell it was Superman.. He had a giant head with a big, strong jaw. He didn't have his mask on - or his cape, obviously - and he was wearing the rest of his unitard under street clothes. But he wore his gloves which stuck out from his shirtsleeves and were positioned at ten and two on the steering wheel.

DOH! Superman doesn't wear gloves! That changes everything!

This guy was what I imagine Superman would look like if  it was his turn to drive the kids to school. But since Clark does't live in Seattle, it was probably someone else - maybe some other superhero that lives in Seattle and drives a minivan. He could be on his way here.

Well, it definitely wasn't Santa Claus.

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