Tuesday, December 7, 2021

I didn't see it coming

 Of course I saw it coming! It happens every year: Christmas. And, every year about this time I think Crap! How will I get it all done?

I'm not sure what all needs to get done but I feel like there's a ton of it and only two and a half weeks to do it. 18 days, exactly.


I hear lists are good. 

1. Make list.

2. Shit. What's supposed to go on the list??

    a. names

    b. gifts

3. Order gifts. 

See? That wasn't so bad. It's getting started that's hard for me and the thing is my list isn't so big. I don't buy a lot of gifts but somehow I get tangled up in the enormity of it, the weight. Seriously, I could have purchased the few gifts I need in less time than it took me to write this post.

Ah, but remember the thing about getting started? I am easily distracted by - literally everything. Reading, writing, a jigsaw puzzle, getting regular exercise and nutrition, drinking my latte - oops, I need to brew more cold brew coffee for tomorrow - oh, and work. Wait, what's for dinner? Do I need to pull something out of the freezer. Or, maybe I should cook. . . . 

Work isn't all that busy right now. No hard deadlines. Just a large project that continues to nag, You don't want to put it off, much like Christmas. There's also travel and hosting travelers. And, cookies. Today is cool and threatening to rain (in a place where it rarely rains). It's a perfect day for baking. But, work! When am I going to do that? And what about all those other things?

I just need to focus on the next indicated thing: What's the most important thing in this moment? Just that. Also, I need to realize that none of this is really important. None of the hoopla, none of the worrying, none of the cookies, not even the gifts - none of it is important. What is important is saying "I love you" and meaning it. And that should be said all year round.

What I really did today:

  • Worked (go figure, would rather work than shop)
  • Did a crossword puzzle
  • Worked the jigsaw puzzle (but only a little)
  • Started (but didn't finish) a Sudoku puzzle (think I like puzzles much?)
  • Walked (about 8,000 steps today)
  • Started the cookies (and vowed I would shop while they're in the oven but I'm writing this and have a date in 45 minutes so it's looking highly doubtful)
  • Worried that I also need to send cards and made a mental note that the above list is supposed to be checked twice
  • Toyed with the idea of canceling Christmas altogether


Mellie said...

Christmas can be a lot of work!! I always stress about getting everything done. I only buy for a few people also but it still is stressful. But, Christmas will still come whether it's finished or not... I'm trying to learn to let some things go.

Mrs. Wieland said...

I canceled Christmas in 2017. Sometimes it's necessary to not overload yourself.