Friday, February 19, 2016

How to make pizza last forever.

Don't eat it.

It's Friday and tonight we're going to do - nothing. We're renting a movie (okay, that's something) and eating leftover pizza.

I'm pretty sure that pizza's been in the freezer since sometime last year.

We could go see a local production of Avenue Q. Smokey Joe's Cafe is also playing nearby. Hateful Eight is in the movie theater. (That one's tempting.) Next weekend, it's opera. The weekend after that it's Ron White. The weekend after that it's Bacon Eggs & Kegs and the following weekend it's the local brewfest. Last weekend, it was How to Succeed in Busness and a few days before that, we saw Adam Sandler.

But tonight, pizza and a movie.

We should be able to finish off the last of it sometime in April, I think.

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