Thursday, January 22, 2015

One To Go

I'm on my third cup of coffee already. For all I pine for it, I don't usually drink more than a cup or two a day. But every once in a while - usually during tax season - I can't get enough. But, good news! Just one more cup and I can reduce the odds of getting skin cancer!

You would think Seattle would have one of  the lowest rates of skin cancer in the country considering all the coffee we drink here and relative lack of sunshine. But, in fact, Washingtonians have a relatively high incidence of melanoma.

Here's another myth dispelled: The fact that Seattleites purchase more sunglasses per capita than any U.S. city has nothing to do with the brief but brilliant summers that we strive to keep from public knowledge. It turns out we're just cheap, forgetful, and clumsy.

Maybe we should think about buying wide-brimmed hats instead.

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