Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Go Nuts

Well, I knew who was going to win but I wasn't about to say so. Not here, in Duck Country. A number of workers called in sick yesterday with Duck Fever and wherever you went you could find cars lining the street outside houses hosting viewing parties, the volume of which spilled into the neighborhood.


Props to the guy who came to the party with his top down even though he had evidently been skiing. That's awesome, dude. 

In other news, we made an offer on a condo yesterday which was immediately accepted. For those of you with programs, it's not the one we originally made an offer on. The seller of that condo let the offer expire thinking they would get other offers over the weekend. They didn't but what did happen was another condo in the same complex came on the market. A better unit, in our opinion, at a lower price and we snatched it up.  Scheduled closing is Feb 10 but could be earlier if all goes well. 

This, btw, is in Duck Country. We are not selling our other home. 

So, go a little nuts. Everybody wins. 

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