Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Woman's Reasoning

I have this cute little Coach wallet that doubles as case for my iPhone 5c. It has just enough room for my phone, a few credit cards, and some cash. It has an outside zipper pocket for loose change. It also has a wrist strap which is very useful when I want to have both hands free.

I've had it for almost exactly one year. I got it at the Apple Store when we were there getting a new iPad for Hubby. He dropped his old one, shattering the glass, just days before last year's draft for his fantasy football league. This year's draft is this Sunday.

He had many hours of research into his draft pick strategy and all of it was stored in an app made suddenly unavailable. We made an emergency trip to the Apple Store to get it replaced and while I was waiting, I had little else to do but shop. (And I only got a wallet!)

A year later, his new iPad is in fine working condition (knocking on wood), Hubby has refined his draft strategy in response to new keeper rules, while the stitching on my iPhone wallet wrist strap has loosened to the point it may unravel completely. 

I took it to a shoe repair shop to see if the strap could be re-stitched. Only by hand, I was told, because the leather, doubled over, was too think for their machine. Also, they didn't have matching thread so while it might be relatively expensive (relative being in the neighborhood of $25-$30), it wouldn't be all that attractive. 

I love that little wallet and use it constantly but it only fits an iPhone 5. Seeing as I'm faced with getting a new wallet, I might as well go ahead and get an iPhone 6. 

See how I got there?

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