Thursday, January 29, 2015

I Take It All Back!

After the lease was signed and we had moved into our present apartment, our landlords advised us that things might be a little loud for a while. They had some water damage which necessitated removal of some the tile in their upstairs residence (by jackhammer, apparently).

The week after, they decided to refinish their hardwood floors and let us know there would be some additional noise while workers sanded.

What they didn't tell us was, basically, it would be noisy every day thereafter for one reason or another: Mr. Landlord would be making a wooden boat in the shop next door to our bedroom, they do laundry every morning at 5 a.m., they never sleep, and they travel at odd times. Oh, and there's no insulation between the floors.

We've not complained much. (I mean, to them.) We've made polite requests from time to time to keep things quiet and only once did Hubby find it necessary to march upstairs (at 2 a.m.) to ask them to keep it down. Most of the complaining, however, has occurred right here.

And now I wonder: Do our landlords read this? Because last night (after yesterday's post) they hosted a circus. Yep, kids, animals, the whole works.

At least, that's what it sounded like. There were kids, definitely, running around, screaming and dropping things. I could hear that quite clearly. I think there might have been a pony in the living room and, quite possibly, an elephant in the dining room.

The good news is we are moving. The bad news is we might not get much sleep if my landlord sees this.

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