Thursday, March 26, 2020

Lawlessness Reigns

Can you imagine? Hoarding essentials, edging a neighbor out of the way to reach the last package of pasta on the shelf. Wanton beach revelers, ignoring the new norms of social distancing. Kids out of school, store closures; now, parks and golf course closures.

A closed golf course is an invitation for mischief - all that open space. . . . There has been casual walking about without aid of cart or burden of clubs, for example, even as people continue to golf, pilfering as it were, by not paying fees. Some of these ambulators walk the course in reverse order. Chaos!

These thieving golfers - without the rule of law, or in this case course marshals, wear jeans and are sometimes barefoot. How uncouth! I've even heard music broadcast from their bags of sticks. Some drink alcohol! A golfer with alcohol is like a ... well, like a golfer I suppose. Why, just yesterday, I saw several youths - a gang, perhaps! - dressed in black, with funny haircuts, swinging clubs, wildly, at golf balls. An unsightly, if not threatening, siege.

And dogs - on the course, enjoying endless, beautifully manicured green space - that very same scenery generally reserved for the few. The privileges of the paying public are being grossly undermined by such lawlessness.

There's been jaywalking on our vacant streets and golf cart drivers who don't signal turns. A slippery slope should this continue.

What is to become of us?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We do not wish to minimize the very real and difficult struggles of many during these uncertain times. We offer our sympathy and support to those who are affected.]

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