Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Now & Then

"I'm tired of having to say 'the other Vancouver' and 'the other Washington.'" 
This line was supplied by Galina who cut my hair today. She also told me to hurry up and finish  my book so she can read it. I'm working on it, Galina! Thanks for being a reader!

I think I'll attribute this line to H.T. Eaux who is a frustrated politician - frustrated because while he wields enormous power in the small pond of Vancouver*, he is unknown in larger political circles. But, if he could solve Vancouver's financial woes by charging more for water usage and, at the same time, attract new industry, he would not only be a local hero but he would have a platform for launching onto larger political stages.

This would make his wife, Jackie, very, very happy.

*I'm currently setting the stage in Vancouver rather than San Francisco (or SFOak/LA, as I renamed it). I think it's funnier. Not  to mention easier.

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