Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How did Monday just happen again?

Where did the time go? The weekend was an unfocused smear of 48 hours starting with coffee and ending with pajamas way past my bedtime.

I had a list but somehow it feels like nothing got done. Sure, I crossed things off but they were things I might have done any day of the week: grocery shop, laundry. What I take note of here is what didn’t get done: reading, writing, and exercise.

Somehow, the interruption of my routine - the one that includes going to work every day - also messes with my routine of reading, writing, and exercise. How is it that when I have 48 hours with seemingly nothing to do that I can’t do these three simple things? How could it be that I am better at working out during the workweek than on weekends?

The only answer I can come up with is that I am far more willing to risk being late for work than I am willing to be late for my next cup of coffee.

Is that what retirement is like? Lots of lying around and wondering where the time went? I've heard that is a huge misconception and the reality is one needs something to do. What else is there to do but read, write, and drink coffee? Going for walks, I suppose, and cooking and eating. That seems like nirvana to me. Does knitting count? I should probably think of something to do that involves interaction with other people. Otherwise, I’ll end up as “that lady with a bunch of cats.”

Maybe my failure to keep a workout routine on the weekends is the fault of my workout video: It's evil.
Exercise DVDs could hamper workouts
" The researchers found that one in every seven motivational statements in the videos was actually a demotivating statement that could reduce the effectiveness of the workout, diminish the user’s hope and potentially cause psychological harm . . . . "
Psychological harm? I can't risk that. Not when this was the article that immediately followed the aforementioned in Monday's edition of The Columbian:
State takes action to prevent suicide
" Washington’s suicide rate has for years been higher than the national average. "
If I might make a suggestion to Governor Inslee: Take some of that state lottery money and give everyone a vacation to someplace sunny.

Oh, and outlaw exercise videos. That should do it.

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