Friday, January 1, 2016

A Very Friendly New Years Eve

Hubby and I celebrated New Years Eve by watching Pink Martini at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall and spending the night at The Nines in Portland. Another couple was supposed to come with us but didn’t make it due to flight cancellations on the east coast. I put the tickets on Craiglist and sold them within an hour but the buyer, Andy, didn't take the room explaining his partner had a child and had to be home by 1 am. I’m not sure it mattered, though, because Andy was going to get lucky either way.

His partner was all over him. Like, get a room.

We got to the theater first. Shortly after the concert started, Andy and his date arrived. Andy sat next to me and his date sat on the other side. Her hand was on his knee as soon as they settled in. Then her arm was around his neck. She turned his face to her frequently so they could kiss.

Aw, love birds.

Then, she decided she need to stretch her long, bare legs ending in platform pumps with a stiletto heel by extending them between the heads of patrons seated in the row ahead of us. First one, then the other. It was so odd, it was hard to believe it actually happened.

Later, she twisted herself around so she could sit on his his lap, her back to me. She had him in a full embrace. Her hair, when she tossed it about, lashed at my head. She was anything but subtle.

It was so bizarre that I was more amused than annoyed. Plus, it was New Years Eve and everyone was feeling celebratory (some more demonstratively than others). That, and Pink Martini put on a great show that she couldn’t possibly overshadow.

We counted down to midnight together and Pink Martini performed a few numbers after that. Hubby and I ducked out as soon as the house lights came up. I don't have any idea what happened with Andy and his date after that but if they were trying to get home by 1 am they probably just finished making out in their seats.

It was a great show but as much as we enjoyed it, I'm glad we didn't stick around for the encore.

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