Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This is the time of year I unsubscribe to all the random email I get. I don't know how I even get on all these lists - well, I do, but it's mind boggling. For most of the year, I find it's just as easy to delete them from my inbox every day - a half a dozen to a dozen per day. Per email address. But, by November or December, I just get annoyed and take the time to hit the Unsubscribe link that's found at the bottom of the email message.

Which never works, btw. What I mean is the link will take me somewhere - probably, just confirming that mine is a working email address - but I get all the same emails the following year.

My all time favorite irony, though, is right after I click on Unsubscribe, they send me an email letting me know that I've unsubscribed.

There is no end.

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